Latest Trump pick to head the EPA will stick in the craw of leftist and environmentalist whackjobs

President-elect Donald Trump has just announced plans to nominate Scott Pruitt (below), the Republican Attorney General of Oklahoma and a frequent legal adversary to President Obama, to lead the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


Reuters If confirmed by the Senate to oversee the 15,000-employee agency, Pruitt would take the lead on dismantling the EPA regulations that Trump targeted throughout his campaign as job killers that restrict economic growth. 

Pruitt has been a legal opponent of President Obama over nearly every major regulation and executive action, not only on environmental issues but also ObamaCare, immigration and bathroom use by transgender people. 


Pruitt has led litigation against Obama’s landmark climate rule for power plants, as well as water regulations and standards for ground-level ozone pollution, haze, methane and more. 

Pruitt’s opinion on climate change aligns with that of Trump, who repeatedly has dismissed global warming as a hoax, in conflict with the overwhelming scientific consensus that human activity through greenhouse gas emissions is the primary cause of changes in the climate. 


Below is Donald Trump’s 100-day action plan re: the EPA/Climate Change and their economy-crushing regulations:trump_climate_plan

Trump’s choice of a climate change skeptic for the EPA comes despite reports that his daughter Ivanka wants to take on fighting climate change as one of her priorities as first daughter. 

As EPA head, Pruitt would help carry out Trump’s campaign promises to repeal Obama’s entire executive climate change agenda, including the Clean Power Plan, which the president-elect said he will target in his first 100 days in office.


The Clean Power Plan is the centerpiece of Obama’s climate push, ordering a 32 percent cut in the energy sector’s carbon dioxide emissions by 2030.

Trump sees the plan as part of a “war on coal” by Obama. “We’re going to get those miners back to work,” Trump said at a campaign rally. Pruitt has taken a lead role among Republican attorneys general challenging the plan and has argued it would shut down numerous coal-fired power plants in Oklahoma and raise electricity prices.


Pruitt and his fellow GOP attorneys general succeeded in convincing the Supreme Court to put an unprecedented pause on the rule earlier this year. 

Democrats and enviromentalists are already gearing up to fight his nomination. “This is the worst-case scenario to nominate a climate denier to the agency charged with protecting our natural resources.”