UK Muslim ‘rights’ activist will battle government in the High Court to have counter-terrorism ‘Prevent’ strategy for fighting extremism rewritten because it “tarnishes” reputation of Muslims

Salmatt Butt
Salmatt Butt

Salman Butt (right), a Muslim issues campaigner from Slough, is described by the UK Government as a “non-violent extremist” who expresses views “contrary to British values.”  The 31-year-old’s name appeared within a Downing Street press release, focused on tackling extremism in universities and colleges which linked radicalization in education institutions to high-profile terror plots.


UK Express  During an interview with an Islamist website, Mr Butt said: “Many people will be eager to see the hidden and murky processes by which individuals are tarnished with the label of ‘extremist’, so these issues are forced into the open and to the scrutiny of the courts.”

The Prevent strategy has been deemed by some analysts as “controversial” because it alienates British Muslims who are unwillingly roped into the Government’s fight against terrorism.  The Home Office denies such allegations and said the Prevent strategy plays a key role in the fight against Muslim terrorist networks such as Islamic State.

British universities and colleges have been legally obliged to engage with the Prevent strategy, since September 2015, whether they want to or not.