AGAIN??? Designated Terrorist Group CAIR not only excels at putting out fake news stories, they get the media all over the country to promote them

Yes, it’s the same fake anti-Muslim hate letter that is being copied and send to mosques all over the country…now in Connecticut. If any of these reporters had half a brain, they could see that the hate language used is the same kind of language Muslim like to use against non-Mulims, i.e., “Your mothers are whores and your fathers are dogs.” Only Muslims hate dogs enough to use it like this.


Check out the links below the video to see where else this fake story is being promoted as news.


What the sharia-compliant leftist media won’t tell you about the phony anti-Muslim hate letter being sent to mosques all over America is that it’s an effort by Muslims to get pity for Muslims…and it seems to be working

Designated terrorist group CAIR demands “hate crime” investigation of alleged anti-Muslim, pro-Trump, hate-filled letter sent to a local Islamic center in San Jose

Oh, NOES! Designated terrorist group CAIR is demanding police protection after second mosque receives same anti-Muslim letter a mosque in San Jose received

How many more news stations are going to promote the CAIR scam about an anti-Muslim hate letter allegedly sent to three mosques by a unidentified ‘Islamophobe’