NO, Muslims in America are NOT like the Japanese-Americans who were interned during WWII…but they want you to think so

koji_newspaper_9f87cffd3227a469644539f8621db778-nbcnews-fp-360-360The idea of a Muslim Registry put forth by the Trump campaign has people wondering if the old internment camps set up for the Japanese during WWII are about to reopen for Muslims, thanks to the rise in Islamic terrorism and jihadists posing as refugees. But there is a huge difference between the Japanese back then and the Muslims today who represent an ongoing threat to America.

posted_japanese_american_exclusion_orderThe idea of temporary internment camps means that when the war is over, the internees are released back into the population as was done after WWII. The difference with Muslims is that the ongoing war with Islam will NEVER be over…something this Japanese film maker, Koji Steven Sakai, who is working on a film project about Muslims in America being sent to camps, obviously does not understand.

NBCExecutive Order 13800” is inspired by the mass internment of Japanese Americans during World War II and which seeks to tell the story of what would happen if Muslims were incarcerated in the same way today. Too bad this film maker doesn’t realize he is being used by the Muslims to aid and abet their perpetual self-pity party.

Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR have worked hard to convince Japanese Americans that they are the new “Japanese.” They do this in Europe, too, only there, they want people to think they are the new “Jews”…all to get  attention and sympathy from the media and the public in an effort to distract attention from the ever-increasing Islamic terrorist attacks in America, Europe, and around the world.

It’s very sad to see Japanese Americans comparing themselves to Muslims today. The Japanese immigrants did not come to America with a sinister plan as Muslims have –  a plan to impose their culture and religion on us, outbreed us, demand tolerance while their so-called religion commands none, replace our system of laws with Islamic law, force schools and colleges and businesses to accommodate their religious traditions including special prayer rooms, halal food, foot baths…all with the ultimate goal of turning America into an Islamic State as they are attempting to do in Europe.

While this Japanese producer thinks Muslims are his friends, people in Japan think otherwise.

 Perhaps Japanese have a low opinion of Muslims because Muslims in Japan do what they do whenever they don’t get their way – riot. Below are Turkish Muslims rioting in Tokyo.