MORE CHRISTIAN USEFUL IDIOTS, some in headbags, go on a hike in support of the people who want to kill them – Muslims

CALIPHORNIA: Kristen Krauss, a ‘teacher’ (that figures) from San Jose, put on a Muslim headbag for the first time and walked beside Saima Saleem, a Muslim mother from Santa Clara, who has worn one for most of her life. Joined by about 70 other headbag-wearing hikers, the group trekked towards Mission Peak.


Peninsula Press  Krauss organized the Dec. 3 “Hijab Hike” via Facebook after reading reports of a woman with lupus who ALLGEDLY went for a hike near Mission Peak wearing a headbag and returned to find her car window smashed and a hate note left on her windshield by someone who thought she was Muslim. 

“That really concerned some of us,” Krauss said. “We wanted to reclaim this place, Mission Peak, and public places in general as places that can be safe for all people and for women that choose to cover their heads.”

Potato-face Zahra Billoo (below), executive director of designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) Bay Area chapter, said that even more crimes against Muslims have occurred and gone unreported. (CAIR reports all of them especially the fake ones). 


Billoo said that since the election, her office has been flooded with calls from allies asking what they can do to support the Muslim community. (Allies to you, traitors to America)

“People are scared,” said Saleem, who is Muslim. “They are worried about what is going to happen in the future; are we safe here or not? I have fear too about what is going to happen with our children.”