REMEMBER the story about an alleged “Islamophobic” attack on a Muslim woman in the NYC subway by 3 ‘white male Trump supporters’ that went viral in the media?

dsfThere’s a big problem with  Yasmin Seweid’s tale of a vicious attack by Trump fans which she posted about on Facebook and caused the NYPD to waste time investigating. It is NOT true.  Yasmin claimed the attackers tried to remove her headbag and allegedly shouted: “Donald Trump! Donald Trump!” “You fucking terrorist! Get out of this country! You don’t belong here!” and “Get that fucking thing off your head!”

So why isn’t the Muslim woman who concocted the story and her handlers at designated terrorist group CAIR being arrested?


In case you are not familiar with this latest Muslim tall tale: 

Men attack Muslim woman, shout ‘Donald Trump’ on 6 train, NYPD says

AM New York  The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating an alleged bias crime after a Muslim woman was attacked by three men, police said.

The incident began Thursday night when 18-year-old Yasmin Seweid got onto a northbound 6 train platform and waited for her train. Three men who appeared to be intoxicated started shouting “Donald Trump” in her direction, a law enforcement official said.

She soon boarded the train and was in the back of the car while the three men went toward the middle, continuing to taunt the college student. The group yelled “You don’t belong here,” and called her a terrorist, the official said. They then reached for the strap of her purse to try and get her attention, the official said.

The train pulled into 42nd Street, and that’s where someone in the group followed her and tried to pull off her hijab, the official said. The man partially removed the head covering before she found an NYPD officer and reported the incident.

Police described the suspects as between 20 and 23 years old, around 5-feet-10 and weighing around 170 pounds. All of them were described as clean-shaven, police said. The New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations condemned the alleged attack on Friday.

BELOW is her Facebook post about it:


ALSO see the videosno-witness-no-cell-phone-videos-just-a-muslim-womans-word-against-three-men-who-allegedly-tried-to-pull-off-her-headbag-in-the-new-york-city-subway/

MadWorldNews  Something about this story has smelled rotten from the start. On the packed subway car, there must have been people who tried to help her, right? NO. Did she use her cell phone and immediately called the police? NO. What about her family? She must have called them right away. NO.  She didn’t do that either. In fact, Yasmin claims she doesn’t know why no one helped her and that her phone was dying so she waited until she got to a place where she could charge it and then she called her dad to come pick her up.


It wasn’t until the next day that she went to police, who then obtain the CCTV of the subway, and it’s so strange because they can’t see any trace of three white guys on the subway or even anywhere near the subway at the same time Yasmin was riding the underground New York transportation system.

If that’s not enough to make you scratch your head, Seweid then went missing. According to Pamela Gellar of Atlas Shrugs, “Yesterday it is reported that Muslim teen Yasmin Seweid, who was allegedly ‘verbally abused’ by Trump ‘islamophobes,’ disappears. She is missing. Perhaps her story started falling apart. Now the family gets in on the act. The father reports her missing. Again worldwide news. Newspapers and broadcast media swarm yet again.”

Today, Yasmin Seweid quietly and without comment miraculously reappeared, as in, nevermind, nothing to report here“The 18-year-old Baruch College student who was reported missing a week after she claimed she was the victim of anti-Muslim harassment has been found, Nassau police said,” reports the New York Post.

There have been a rash of fake hate crimes alleged by Muslims and promoted by CAIR since the election of Donald Trump. This appears to be a Muslim teen girl looking for a little attention, and getting support from the Islamic propagandists at CAIR — and when she got too much, she ran away scared…only to return with nobody wanting to provide any more information on her.