Will President-elect Donald Trump nominate Texas Senator Ted Cruz for the U.S. Supreme Court?

cruz-trump-getty-640x480Rumor has it that Texas Senator Ted Cruz is set to be nominated for a position on the Supreme Court by President-elect Donald J. Trump if current trends hold. Apparently “a deal” is being cut which would see Cruz nominated to the Supreme Court on the condition that a pro-Trump Republican could be found to replace Ted Cruz in the Senate.


GotNews  (h/t Rob E) It is unclear whether Cruz would be immediately nominated to replace Justice Antonin Scalia, who died earlier this year, or if his nomination would come later. While Cruz was not on Trump’s list of potential Supreme Court picks, he undoubtedly fits the bill as a staunch conservative constitutionalist.

Ted Cruz was Donald Trump’s earliest ally and final foe in the Republican presidential primaries. He has steadily reconciled with Trump since the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July earlier this year. 

Cruz has been described by his former law professor and world-famous lawyer Alan Dershowitz as “one of the best students I ever had.” Cruz is widely praised as a legal scholar and orator, despite being notoriously disliked among his Senate colleagues.

“Sen. Ted Cruz and three other Republican senators voted AGAINST a non-binding Senate resolution affirming that the United States does not use religious tests for immigrants seeking admission into the country.”


Washington Examiner Ted Cruz has informed Trump transition insiders that he would accept the nomination to take the place of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, potentially cementing the power of the court’s conservative wing for decades, according to sources.

The transition has been looking at naming Cruz for several reasons, among them the likelihood that he would never veer from conservative views like some other Republican justices have. He is also expected to be more of a conservative movement battler on the court.


Cruz is also a hardline Constitutionalist conservative who believes that the document is not something to be adjusted to reflect changes in American society.

Picking Cruz, a popular 2016 Republican presidential candidate, would also help to unify the party split over the election and reward Cruz for eventually backing Trump.