In their campaign to Islamize America, Muslims demanding yet another school district shut down for Muslim holidays

A few years ago, in a quiet high school classroom, Fatimah Mozawalla took a pre-calculus exam wearing an ornate, brightly colored dress — a spectacle that she said called unwanted attention to herself and messed with her focus.

In between prayers, Fatimah Mozawalla, 17, left, Mariam Mozawalla, 7, Ameena Qadri, 14, and Zainab Mozawalla, 12, each from Valley Stream, discussed their demands for next year’s school calendar.

LI Herald  “I was so embarrassed, and I remember, like, I tried to finish my test as fast as I could,” the 17-year-old South High School alumna said. “ … Twelfth grade, 16 years old — I just wanted to get out of there and go to the locker room and change.” “Because it makes you feel like an outcast,” her friend, Sabrina Mustafa, 17, interjected.

The exam fell on one of two Eid holidays celebrated by Muslims each year — Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr — effectively forcing students to choose between their religious beliefs and their grades. (Then go to an Islamic school, preferably in an Islamic country)

Valley Stream’s high schools in Long Island, NY, are now debating whether to recognize the two most significant Muslim holidays on the school calendar next year, after Muslims attended the district’s board meeting on the evening of Election Day seeking the change.

Beginning last year, New York City’s Islamofascist-supporting Mayor Bill de Blasio officially designated the Eid holidays for public schools in the city. 

 Several other Nassau County schools are considering adding the holidays, including Herricks, East Williston and Jericho. The Mineola School District recently approved a motion to ensure students who celebrate the holidays won’t have homework next year on those dates, but did not give them the days off.

Far left Board President Cristobal Stewart, spoke favorably of the idea, and of how much of an impact it would make on students and their families.

(What’s next? Non-Muslim children being forced to pray to Allah? They already are in some American schools)

“We’re talking about really recognizing an emerging community (threat to our culture) within our community,” Stewart said. “As someone who has children in the high school, I can tell you there’s always a need to have more dialogue about diversity (Diversity KILLS when it involves Muslims).

There’s always a need to have more dialogue about tolerance (of the most intolerant population on earth – Muslims), and to have that dialogue occur on equal footing lends an importance to that discussion and elevates it.”

In addition to being an inconvenience, students said not being off on their biggest holiday contributed to a feeling of “otherness” in the Muslim community. (There are 56 other Muslim majority countries where you won’t feel like an “other.” Pick one)

Though it may seem insignificant to non-Muslims, she said, an acknowledgment of the holidays might have made her decision to start wearing her hijab — a traditional Muslim supremacist headbag worn by women — a less vexing one.

“What we’re going through is tough,” she breathed. “And it’s really scary.” (Not as scary as all you Muslims are to Americans)

This is just the latest Muslim problem infecting American public schools wherever there are a few Muslim students.