SOON TO BE UNEMPLOYED AG Loretta Lynch falls for the mostly fake ‘anti-Muslim hate crime’ stories put out on a daily basis by designated terrorist group CAIR

Ardent Muslim-sympathizer, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, slams ‘unacceptable’ rise in (mostly fake) anti-Muslim hate crimes, many of which are perpetrated by Muslims themselves for sympathy and media attention. Has nothing to say about steady rise in home-grown Muslim terrorist attacks.

Washington Examiner  “Amid an increase in divisive and fearful rhetoric — we have seen Muslim Americans targeted and demonized simply because of their faith,” Lynch said from the All Dulles Area Muslim Society Center in Sterling, Va. FBI statistics released last month show reported hate crimes against Muslims rose by 67 percent in 2015. There were 257 reported anti-Muslim incidents in 2015, compared to 154 the year before.

Lynch called the FBI numbers “deeply sobering for all Americans,” and seemed to make an indirect reference to President-elect Trump by saying it’s wrong to attack people for their beliefs. Trump has previously said the U.S. should ban Muslim immigrants until the vetting system is improved, and U.S. officials can be more sure that these immigrants aren’t terrorists in disguise.

“[T]o impose a blanket stereotype on all members of any faith because of the actions of those who pervert that faith is to go backwards in our thinking and our discourse, and to repudiate the founding ideals of this country,” Lynch said. She said her department will continue to “vigorously prosecute” hate crimes.

Lynch also acknowledged the feelings of “uncertainty and anxiety as we witness the recent eruption of divisive rhetoric and hateful deeds.”

“I know that many Americans are wondering if they are in danger simply because of what they look like or where they pray,” Lynch remarked. “I understand those feelings. I know that as we continue to demand a nation where all people are truly treated equally, we will be met with prejudice, bigotry and condemnation.”