Is Rome on the verge of war between illegal alien Muslim invaders and poverty-striken Italians?

According to the Vatican City’s mayor, Rome is on the verge of war as friction grows between poor Italians and an out-of-control tsunami of mainly North African Muslim freeloaders posing as asylum seekers.

UK Express (h/t Brenda K)  Virginia Raggi told an immigration summit of European city leaders mayors need to be the first to welcome refugees with “warmth, shelter and accommodation”. She was speaking just days after a Moroccan family was prevented from moving into a council flat given to them by the authorities after neighbours shouted: “We do not want these n*****s.”

It used to be southern Italy and Sicily where the Muslim invasion from Libya and other parts of Africa had the most adverse affect on the locals. Apparently now, from Rome to Northern Italy, Muslim illegals are bringing poor and working class Italian residents to the brink of civil war.

Italy has seen the largest increase in migrant arrivals to Europe this year after the European Union (EU) made a deal with Turkey which meant migrants headed to Italy instead of Greece.

Ms Raggi, said: “Our cities seem to be closed off with their self-interest and the mayors are the ones who should give the first reception.  “We must guarantee human warmth, shelter, accommodation.  “The attitude that we have seen, unfortunately, offends our dignity as mayors and people. (Sure it does, because the Muslim invaders aren’t being dumped into your backyards)

Sign says: “Enough of these uncivilized invaders”

“For this we must take action, even more in the suburbs, which are the most abandoned parts of the city, where there is a risk of a war between the poor.” She said the situation is so fragile in the Italian capital’s suburbs between the impoverished locals and those who have illegally entered Italy, battles between the two groups are imminent. 

The Vatican City mayor added: “In Rome, we are trying to provide stability with temporary shelters and tents.  “We want everyone to have a roof over their heads. (They had a roof over their head where they came from).

No matter what you do for them, it is never enough for these ungrateful freeloaders who complain about their living conditions and bad food:

In Rome, Milan, and Padua, riot police were called in and clashed with protesters against massive immigration. Protestors in Rome demanded that the local refugee center be closed down, complaining that the immigrants in the center had created poor living conditions in the area.

Pope Francis tried to appeal to the protesters sense of religion: “In recent days in Rome there have been quite strong tensions between residents and immigrants,”“The Christian community needs to get involved in a concrete manner to ensure we have a coming together not clashes.” said the Pope.

Hey, Pope, are you going to wash and kiss our feet too?

Protesters have been reported as saying things like: “Rome belongs to the Italians“, “Filthy Arabs“, “Blacks out of the city“, “Out all blacks“, “Take away the refugees“, “Enough foreigners“, and “Muslims go home“.

But it’s not just the Italian public who are criticizing the illegal immigrants. When “refugees” protested last month about eating “boring food” (traditional Italian food) and demanded their own African food, it caused quite a stir.

Yesterday Italy held the EU to ransom after refusing to back a change to the bloc’s budget up to 2020, saying not enough cash is being set aside to tackle the migrant crisis which has had an enormous impact on the country. Diplomats suggested it was highly unlikely that Italy’s demands would be met.