MUSLIM SAVAGE who raped and murdered German official’s 19-year-old daughter was previously convicted in Greece for the rape and attempted murder of a girl there

Hussein Khavari (age 17 for at least the last 3 years) was sentenced to ten years in jail in Greece, of which he spent only one.  Stern magazine reported that he had thrown a 20-year-old student off a cliff on Corfu, Greece, in May 2013. The woman was severely injured but ‘miraculously’ survived and was able to identify her attacker.

UK Daily Mail  Khavari, who sits in detention in Germany after his DNA linked him to the October sex killing of Maria Ladenburger, 19, in Freiburg, was given a 10 year jail term by a Greek court. ‘Why the Greek justice system early on let him out of jail in just one year, if he pushed her off, is thus far unclear.’

Bild newspaper in Germany showed a picture of Khavari that he took of himself days before the attack on Maria to Maria-Eleni Nikolopoulou, his Greek lawyer in the trial in 2014. Her reaction: ‘This is the same person, definitely. I’m speechless.’

The Greek victim plunged 25 feet down the cliff face. Authorities said she only survived because, as a keen amateur mountain climber, she knew how to protect her head during the plunge.

Khavari showed up in Germany in 2015 as an unaccompanied minor. Police say he ambushed Maria (photo below) as she rode her bicycle home in the early hours of the morning, raped and then drowned her in a river.

As has been reported at BNI, the German victim’s father, who assists Muslim migrants to Germany, and his wife  asked people to donate money in his daughter’s name for the same cause…during the funeral of their daughter.

The killing triggered an outpouring of hatred over MUSLIM refugees.´The rising tide of public anger makes it increasingly harder for Angela Merkel – who will seek a fourth term in power in the general election next year – to justify setting no ceiling on the numbers of refugees who may yet arrive.

Currently there are well over one million in the country, several hundred of whom are said by intelligence agencies to be sleeprs for the terrorist group Islamic State.

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