British talk show host blames Trump and Brexit for a Muslim woman getting dragged by her headbag along London street

 Metropolitan Police said the thugs assaulted the woman while she was walking down a popular shopping street in Chingford. The pair approached the 27-year-old from behind and tried to remove her Islamic supremcist headbag, before shoving her to the ground and dragging her by her headbag.

Hey, here’s a novel idea, don’t wear a Muslim headbag in public.

UK Express  The Muslim woman claims that two white guys shoved her then dragged her along the pavement. She was left on the ground petrified for almost 20 minutes before seeking help at a nearby restaurant, where staff rang for an ambulance. A waiter at the restaurant said the woman was “shaking like a leaf.” She told us two white guys shoved her then dragged her along the pavement. She was having a panic attack when we saw her and could barely breathe. The young woman was taken to hospital after paramedics treated her for minor back injuries.

Another witness, Hassan Bukhari, recounted what the woman said after the attack. He said: “She said ‘They took nothing from me, not my phone, not my backpack. They just thought they could get away with it. I thought this area was safe.'” The suspects are described as two white males, aged 17 to 19, wearing all black clothing.