LOUISIANA BNIers: Vote for the Republican Congressional candidate who won’t patronize Muslim-owned businesses or businesses that employ Muslims

Michael “Duke” Lowrie (below), a firefighter and paramedic, is a Republican running for the Louisiana House of Representatives. He also believes that Americans should boycott businesses owned by or employing Muslims.

MIC  (h/t Eagle) According to a report in the Shreveport TimesLowrie announced his decision to seek election on Thursday, and by Friday afternoon, he was answering for a 2015 Facebook post in which he said that he did not intend to patronize businesses that had anything to do with Islam. 

His reason? The Islamic State group. 

“The fact is the Islamist seek to kill us and make us submit to their false religion and God,” he wrote in a Facebook post from Nov. 15, 2015. “There are many who worship, if you call it that, Islam here among us. I do not believe they deserve peace of our culture or the continued fruits of our society while following this religion. I for one will no longer knowingly go to or do business with any establishment that has someone who I know is a follower of Islam working there.” 

Lowrie stood by the post in a statement to the Times

“We are a Christian nation,” he said. “The threat of Islamic terrorism is real. Too many times, politicians are sometimes so afraid to speak the truth because of the PC culture in which we live. I’ll call it how I see it. We must tackle Islamic extremism head on. I believe President Trump will do that.”

According to the Times, Lowrie is so far the only candidate registered to run for the House seat he is seeking on March 25. 



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  1. All support for Duke Lowrie. I urge all patriots in Louisiana to vote for this person, Duke, who would boycott anything and all thinks is slamic, would get my vote. We already boycott anything mus slum.. We call it voting with our wallets equipped with the knowledge of which products support is slum and which retail and wholesale industries support is slamic ways and hire mus slums. The head bag is a give away. The name tag is often another give away. There are other signs too such as the shit stain on the forehead and so on.

    • Kevin………..I live near Hammond, LA. and just as you stated, I already boycott muslims and have for 7 years. I changed Walgreens because a muslim wearing her hijab came out of the store with her nametag on as I was going into the store. I promptly changed to Amite.

  2. Boycotting business that are owned or employ muslims or sell halal products be it in the US, UK, EU or anywhere else its not just being patriotic but also common sense and sending an important message to muslims and their useful idiots that #1 They are not wanted and #2 Go back to whatever 7th centruy country that spawned you or your parents and #3 We are not going to accomadate you, your so-called religion or its rituals here in the 21st century and the civilised world

  3. Duke Lowrie is an excellent candidate for Congress! Obviously intelligent, is against anti American & anti Constitutional groups infiltrating our country. Is not afraid of being un-PC.

  4. Good man and with balls too. I agree with him one hundred percent. Funny how they go all out at Wako and yet bend over backwards to pander to these hateful cult savages

  5. In a previous era, similar sentiments were routinely expressed by German nationalists about their Jewish population.

  6. Promoting or supporting any business that violates your core beliefs and offends you, is a DAMN good reason to boycott it.
    Vote with your feet, and patronage. Money (or the denial to spend it) has power.

    • There’s a lot more Iz, you need to check out BNIs list. I loath Campbells haven had any of their rotten stuff in my house for 7years, they went halal somewhere around that time.

    • Have you seen the new Microsoft commercial? Just saw it today. It features a girl in hijab, then says we should unite over differences. Uhmm. Guess we have to ban them too. Wish these lists got shorter, not longer.

  7. I don’t think Muslims are animals, exactly …. but, it doesn’t become them …. to believe in a “Cave Man Creed” …. once they have know freedom …. and they still worship Allah …. then all bets are off …. it sickens me that the so called “Civilized World” …. has torn itself to pieces in “Fratricidal” wars …. while the real evil of Islam spread like an aggressive cancer …. we need to get gether and go after Islam …. in a “Ratricidal” war ?

  8. Good for this young man he understands the single greatest threat to our society, indeed to civilization itself. Yes I DO HOPE. He wins if on that alone….

  9. It is his right to live his life and do as he pleases. And it’s our right as well. We don’t need the Democrats telling us how to live. They can go cry cuz Trump is in the house.