Now, HERE’S an anti-Muslim ‘hate’ letter that appears genuine (not written by a Muslim to get sympathetic media attention)

The letter (received by the Islamic Center of Vermont) reads:

To Islamic Centers of America      December 1, 2016

Since 9/11 Americans have had an opportunity to learn about the people who practice Islam, and the tenets of the religion itself. Further, we have observed the behavior of Muslims living in the United States of America.

Based on what I have observed, I’ve reached the conclusion that Islam is TOTALLY INCONSISTENT with the values of America.

I will do whatever I can to prevent the further entry of Muslims in this country moving forward.

WAMC  More than 200 faith leaders, clergy, and congregants from across Vermont gathered at the Islamic Society of Vermont on Friday to stand in solidarity after the group received a letter expressing intolerance for Islam. (The media up in leftist Vermont must have made a big deal out of this non-story in order to get 200 idiots to come out)

Members of Vermont Interfaith Action  joined the Islamic Society of Vermont for Friday Muslim prayers after reports that the group had received hate mail. Interfaith Action says their expression of solidarity is part of their resolve to resist hatred in all forms.  

Reverend Earl Kooperkamp of Barre’s Good Shepherd Episcopal Church said the Interfaith Council “…will not be silent in the face of ….hate filled speech or actions directed against the people of Vermont.”