The BBC should be flagged as a promoter of fake news about Muslims

A recent BBC headline reads: Mosque in Cumbernauld, Scotland sprayed with “racist” graffiti. Why does the BBC insist on referring to Islam as “race?”

BBC  In the text, however, they do get it right when they say “anti-Islamic graffiti” has been sprayed on a mosque in North Lanarkshire. The words “Saracen Go Home” and the term “Deus Vult”, translated from Latin as “God Willing”, were painted on two walls of the mosque in Cumbernauld.

The attack, being treated as a hate crime, happened sometime between 21:00 on Friday and 07:30 on Saturday. Mosque leaders described the incident as “unusual” and said people were “very worried” by it. 

“Hate crime remains a priority for Scotland Police and we are working closely with our criminal justice partners to do everything in our power to protect all communities and eradicate all forms of hatred.”

Judging by size of this ugly mosquetrosity, it’s no wonder people in the neighborhood don’t want it.