IT’S OFFICIAL! Electoral College gives Donald Trump the win!

Donald Trump has cruised to victory in the Electoral College despite thousands of anti-Trump protesters who converged on state capitols across the country. Monday’s vote ensures that the billionaire will become America’s 45th president.

AP  Texas put the Republican president-elect over the 270-vote threshold. Electors had been deluged with emails, phone calls and letters urging them not to support Trump. Two Texas electors cast protest votes against Trump, but in the end he had more than he needed.

(EARLIER) With Electoral College voting still going on: TRUMP 265, CLINTON 160, only defections so far are away from Hillary with 3 voting for retired Gen. Colin Powell and 1 for Faith Spotted Eagle.

Crazed leftist snowflakes start shrieking after Wisconsin electors all cast their votes for Donald Trump. One is removed by police to a ‘safe’ room.

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