Leave it to ‘Human Rights Watch’ to care more about the hurt feelings of potential Muslim terrorists targeted by police than they do about the potential victims of terrorists

Listen to the Muslims in Molenbeek, a heavily Muslim area of Brussels and home to several of the terrorists behind the attacks in Paris and Brussels, whine about being unfairly targeted by counter-terrorism police…while the bleeding hearts at Human Rights Watch blame the police for trying to stop the next attacks.

IB Times (h/t Susan K)  While you’re listening to the boo-hooing, please note that last Saturday, ten Muslim teenagers were taken into custody  in Belgium for plotting terror attacks on Christmas carnivals in the country. Saturday’s arrests were confirmed by Eric Van Der Sijpt, spokesman for the Belgium prosecutor’s office, who said the teens received instructions online about how to kill a person and to make a bomb. They were recruited by terrorist groups to prepare or commit terrorist acts,” the spokesman said.