PERFECT TIMING: Angela Merkel presents awards to several bleeding heart integration activists for Muslim refugees

And she did it just a few hours before a Muslim refugee hijacked a truck and slammed it into a crowd of Christmas shoppers in Berlin, killing at least 12 and wounding up to 50.

NEWS AU  Activists working in the field of refugee assimilation were awarded ‘integration medals’ and certificate at the chancellery in Berlin on Monday. German Chancellor Angela Merkel attended the ceremony and also gave a speech in front of the attendees.  

“I want to encourage you to continue to be a role model and boost others saying ‘It is possible although it is difficult. Keep your open-mindedness, your good intuition and don’t be devastated if things don’t go well sometimes,” stated the Chancellor. Continuing Merkel added “Our lives consist of us living with our diversity, and diversity makes us richer rather than poorer.’ And I think that has to be the motto.” (Diversity makes more of us deader, too)