BELGIUM: Nativity scene removed out of fear it will offend one of the four Muslims living in the town

Town chiefs allegedly refused to include a traditional festive display in Holsbeek, Belgium over fears it could upset a member of the minuscule Muslim population. 

UK Express  Traditionally locals put a Christmas tree and a model of baby Jesus in a manger in the centre of the town. But locals were outraged after politicians decided it would offend.

Achiel Claes, a former town alderman for the Christian-Democrats, said: “The reason was that it would be ‘too provocative for Muslims’. “There are only four Muslims living in town and they will never complain that there is a nativity scene in city hall.” The ban was introduced after the town secretary allegedly complained about the nativity scene.

Flandersnews, a web site that publishes in both Flemish and English, reported that the nativity scene was removed after complaints by both “people of no faith and non-Christians.”