GENERATION IDENTITY (the rapidly growing anti-Islamization youth movement in Europe) is expanding in Germany despite being labeled as Nazis by the Merkel government

Following the lead of their French brothers, young Germans are campaigning to preserve the German identity against Islam. Called ‘Identitare Bewegung,’ this patriotic group is accused by the Leftists and Socialists of using social websites to spread anti-Muslim sentiment among the youth in Germany. (NO, actually, Muslims are much better at doing that than anyone else)

On Islam “They are clearly racist,” (What ‘race’ is Islam?) Alexander Hausler, an expert on right-wing extremism at University of Applied Sciences in Dusseldorf, told Deutsche Welle. “They are making a major affront on Germany’s multicultural society, (composed mainly of illegal alien Muslim invaders) and they mostly criticize the Islamization of Germany,” he said.

Maintaining a fascist survivalist aesthetic in its symbolism, the group’s logo also shows the Greek letter lambda on a yellow background, like one from the 300 Spartan soldiers who wanted to stop the Persians at Thermopylae in the Hollywood film “300.” The lambda symbol appears again and again on the homepage, the Facebook page and in the web videos. The movement is trying “to anchor itself on the Internet,” Hausler said.

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Identitare Bewegung (The Identity Movement) has been using social websites to educate young Germans about Islam. Putting German identity as its fixed point, the right-wing group focuses on spreading its message mostly on the internet via Facebook and YouTube. “We are the identity-generation,” the group says, while declaring itself a protector against the threat of Islam.

Trying to win public support, the right-wing group has been portraying itself as modern and funny, boasting that it names social grievances publicly. “It is a very professional presence, which is very attractive and has an unbelievable number of pop culture references that can be understood by younger people,” Johannes Baldauf of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation said.

 “We are the generation of the ethnic violations, [the generation] of the total failure of coexistence.” 

“100% identity – 0% racism (not that Islam is a race but muslims want you to think it is),” its website states, while calling for “the protection of the continent from infiltration by Muslims, mass immigration and Islamization.” 

“Here, they spread scenarios of a racial apocalypse,” Hausler said. (What ‘race’ is Islam?) “The message is, ‘We are the last generation which can avert the risk of the so-called German identity dying out.” The movement’s Facebook page has thousands of fans.

A recent study in November showed that right-wing extremism is notably rising in Germany, particularly in the east of the European country. The study, “The Changing Society: Right-wing Views in Germany 2012”, found that the number of Germans identifying themselves has grown.  The report indicated that 9% of Germans have adopted extreme right-wing beliefs, up from 8.2% two years ago. (By calling them “Right Wing Extremists” they are trying to smear them as Nazis)

According to a 2010 nationwide poll by the research institute Infratest-dimap, more than one third of the respondents would prefer “a Germany without Islam.” Today it is more than half.