SWEDISH SCHOOLS collapsing in violence, sexual harassment of young children, and charges of ‘not being Muslim enough’

Swedish children are paying the price of their parents’ political correctness and the open door Muslim immigration policies.

Socialist Swedes invited this problem

10NEWS  “Violent Muslim pupils force Swedish schools to cancel teaching…

Ten schools are now under review, including Rörsjöskolan-Zenith and Augustenborgsskolan. At both schools classes are affected by noise, chaos and violence, and during breaks, it is not unusual to hear anti-white racist and homophobic jibes between students, according to one school leader. …

At another school in the region – Johannesskolan – the parents of the youngest pupils are calling for help. Here, the parents all point on the same problems: our six-year-old children are frequently experiencing being exposed to violence and sexual harassment from older Muslim students at the school.

‘We are afraid for our children’s safety. There are daily fights. My son was beat up twice in a day. He dared not tell anything to the teachers, since the other boys had threatened to kill him if he did. He wakes up with nightmares at night,’ says Sebastian Nasser, the father of a boy in the kindergarten class at Johannesskolan…

Other parents report that their daughters have experienced having their pants and panties pulled down by some of the school’s older Muslim pupils during breaks. Several parents have already moved their children to other schools because of the bad behavior. Teachers do also not feel safe at school. ‘I do not dare go down to the gym with students alone,’ expresses one of the teachers.”

Patrik Olsson have already moved his child from St. John’s School. … Another father at the school, who want to remain anonymous to protect his daughter, says she has been beaten at the school for several years.

‘Muslim boys threaten to rape her. They tell her that their fathers will fuck her. They call her a whore. They ask her what religion she has, the father says. They do not believe she is sufficiently Muslim.’

Swedish students beg to leave 95% Muslim immigrant school after regular beatings and stangling.

 Two Swedish schoolboys have sent a letter to the principal, begging her to let them stay home from school after they and several other Swedish children were beaten, strangled, and tripped up by immigrant children.

My kids have been home since Wednesday, they have not felt safe and I have not wanted to force them there” said Malin, a mother to two boys who go to the school in Kristianstad.“When one of the boys said he did not want to play football because the immigrants cheat, two of them attacked him. It ended with this boy being completely covered in blood before some adults intervened.

Madeleine, another mother to children at the school said “My children were at home on Friday as their best friend was getting strangled on Thursday.” “They had fear in their stomachs, my little boy who is seven, and in first grade, was tripped and fell. His knees are bruised.

At first, Annika Persson, the school’s principal took the side of the immigrant kids who were attacking Swedish kids, and she instructed the Swedish kids to “walk away” when there was trouble.

The principal told us at the meeting that one must have an understanding for this, as they may have traumatic backgrounds” Madeleine said. “Then I asked the headmaster and wondered how to explain to my children that it is okay to become a little strangled or beaten, or they say go home and ‘fuck dad’s dick’, and to feel sorry for them because they come from war.

Then she said to me; You will send your children on Monday! If you keep them at home, you will be breaking the law.

Muslim migrant students beat, sexually assaults 9-year-old girl…school excuses the abuse by saying that the girl was a natural target because “she is blonde and sweet.”

MadWorldNews  When the parents confronted the school, they were shocked at the condescending response they received. Fria Tider reports: “We were told by a school staff that our daughter was blonde and sweet and she excited them. She had a mind of her own and it made it even more fun for them,” the mother told Swedish Television News Sörmland. “My daughter was standing with a tray in the dining room. Then, they pulled down her pants and humped her while everyone watched.”

The school knew about the abuse and only offered to remedy it by driving her home, separate from the bus, when it became too severe for her to stand. Of course, this solved nothing.

Instead, the migrant boys would arrive at her house and wait for her to get home, according to SVT. “A day before, the group ran to her home from school and surrounded her outside the home. They threatened to ‘pick her,’” her mother said, again referring to sexual assault.

Muslim migrants all over Europe are beating and sexually assaulting blonde women and children, calling them “whores,” and saying they deserve the abuse because Allah has presented them as sex slaves for Muslims.

Based on their explanation, the school practically admitted that the children committed hate crimes, motivated by race and gender, and their staff didn’t see anything reportable about it. Many of the Muslim migrants are much older than they claim to be. Men in their twenties are often placed in classes with young children.

Malmo school considered too dangerous for Swedish students.

TheLOCAL  A secondary school in Malmö has been closed after the teachers’ union declared that it is too dangerous a place for students and teachers to attend due to widespread Muslim violence and criminality.

Violence, threats and visits from Muslim adult criminals eventually became too much for the teachers’ unions at Varner Rydén School in the Malmö suburb of Rosengård, whose safety officers have now closed the premises.

“Violence, threats and verbal abuse. There has also been trouble with Muslim students from other schools,” said Hans Nilsson at the City of Malmö to news agency TT.

“Some groups of immigrant students spread so much trouble that teachers can’t handle it,” Nilsson said. The City of Malmö will now hire a security firm in order to make the school environment safer.

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  1. We should look at Sweden as an example of what not to do and what happens when the left takes over. Tons of suffering while the people look the other way and pretend nothing is happening as their country gets destroyed. They can’t even admit that terrorist attacks are happening and will try to find any reason to excuse it! I

    Thank God Americans are starting to wake up, we have some hope again now and hopefully we will improve once again.

  2. well come to Poland you fucking beasts, we already started to make hell living for your 20000 majority muslems!!! we will kill you as you kill animals – with no honor or respect!! muslems are afraid come here, not that we dont want them!! well we dont but thats not the point. MUSLEMS ARE FUCKING AFRAID CUZ WE WILL FIGHT YOU AND WE CANT WAIT ACTUALLY!!!

  3. A child’s cry for help goes unheeded by
    authorities and those in charge of keeping
    them safe, and more often than not look
    the other way and basically tell the victim
    and their family to do the same. How sick
    and maddening is that? For a country that
    has prided itself on its generosity towards
    refugees for decades,has recently seen
    its government support fall to record lows
    due to a sense that they are helpless to
    stop a migrant influx.Rape capital of the
    world, car burnings, no-go zones, thefts
    and assaults, etc., over 5000 classified
    “Code 291″police cases in about a year’s
    time,cases involving migrants in crimes
    kept from the public,so as not to show
    contempt and racism towards the invader
    muslims.You can thank the Swedish
    social democrats party for this.Prime
    Minister stefan” my Europe doesn’t build
    walls” lofven, and fredrik reinfeldt,and a
    muslim loving woman,mona sahlin, who
    is on the same satanic level as hellary
    and merkel.Good company indeed.
    Don’t know where the men are either, or
    where they’ve been.I do know where I’d
    have been,and what I’d have done, if that
    was my son getting beaten daily, or my
    daughter getting sexually assaulted, or
    them POS’s coming around to my house.

  4. The Muslim boys in the video appear to be criminally insane. They were behaving like a pack of rabid wolves. A 9 yr old child is raped in the cafeteria and the school only offered to drive her home?! Is it a virus? Did every single solitary Swedish adult somehow get lobotimized. Are they demonically possessed? What? What explains their behavior.

    • The Muslim boys are NOT criminally insane.

      They are EVIL MONSTERS rejoicing that European leader God-haters grant Muslims full freedom to intimidate, to attack, to rape/gang rape, to perpetrate satanic atrocities and to murder white European Christian men, women and children

      as taught in the Bloodstained Quran Book of Eternal War Against Non-Muslims.

      • Linda it was rhetorical. I know they are not criminally insane and I understand their behavior is sanctioned in the Koran. But you have to admit they act like rabid wolves and frankly I believe Islam is a form of insanity.

  5. Safe From All FEAR and TERROR, European Union elites receive immense Pleasure at the AGONY they are inflicting on Europe’s defenceless women and little children with the Armies of WARLORD Mohammad that they imported.

    European leaders were outraged when a European woman prevented her rape at the hands of a Filthy Muslim by using pepper spray on her Muslim attacker. The victim was prosecuted.

    European leaders were outraged that PEGIDA in Germany held a street demo protesting the massive numbers of molestations, rapes and gang rapes of native German girls by Muslim Filth.

    German authorities used water cannons on the protesters. Later on, the PEGIDA German leader had to flee Germany as his life was in grave danger.

    In every nation, whilst there is still time, mega millions of our people must protest daily in the streets against the WAR waged against us by our leaders and their Muslim allies.

    We are running out of time. The protests must take place now, or it will be forever too late…

  6. And yet the Swedes keep voting the Greens and the leftists in to lead their stump of a country. Sweden, civilizational suicide in the final stage. Look and learn America.

  7. One question. Where are the Swedish MEN? All the unnecessary garbage happening with the filthy invaders, and the country’s males are in hiding. They are nowhere to be found, the pussies!

    Sweden deserves to become a sharia hellhole, because the Swedes are worthless humans, too cowardly to fight — an utter disgrace to the white race!