NETANYAHU: “Israel cannot and will not accept a Security Council resolution attempting to stop the building of Jewish communities on Jewish land”

Israel has suspended its multimillion dollar contribution to a number of United Nations bodies and is reevaluating its relationship with the organization, after the UN Security Council passed a resolution on Israeli residential construction.

RT  (If Obama thinks he is going to have the UN declare a Palestinian State on Israeli land before he leaves office, Israel will do what it has to do) In the meantime, Israel is set to approve several hundred new homes in the eastern section of it’s capital, Jerusalem, in defiance of UNSC resolution. The Jerusalem Local Planning and Construction Committee is expected on Wednesday to approve permits to build 618 apartments in Jewish neighborhoods.

According to other Israeli media reports, the Committee might approve as many as 5,600 homes in response to the United Nations Security Council resolution which condemned Israeli settlement activities and called for a halt to construction.

“We remain unfazed by the UN vote, or by any other entity that tries to dictate what we do in Jerusalem. I hope the  the new US administration will support us, so we can make up for the lack [of construction] during the eight years of the Obama administration,” Deputy Jerusalem Mayor Meir Turgeman who heads the zoning committee told Israel Hayom.