BERLIN: Gang of teenage Muslim invaders sets homeless man on fire in the subway

Young Muslim ‘culture-enrichers’ in Germany seem to be using ‘fire’ as their weapon of choice lately. The following article from Politically Incorrect draws on German media sources for news about the deliberate burning of German natives by the so-called ‘New Germans.’ It also points out the likely religious justification for the effects of diversity in ‘multicultural’ Germany.

UPDATE Officers have now arrested seven men between the ages of 15 and 21-years-old including six Syrians and one Libyan after their faces were identified from security camera footage at Berlin’s Schonleinstrasse subway station.  It is reported police are treating the 21-year-old Syrian as the ringleader of the migrant gang.

German media have linked the attempted murder of the sleeping homeless man with another recent brutal attack by migrants on the subway which went viral after security camera footage was leaked on the internet. Showing a group of men approach a young woman from behind as she descends the stairs, a strong kick sends her flying to the bottom. (The media were quick to call those migrants “Bulgarian,” leaving out the part about them being Bulgarian MUSLIM migrants)

GOV  On Christmas Eve, seven migrants set fire to a sleeping 37-year-old homeless man next to the Schönleinstraße subway station in the Berlin district of Kreuzberg. Several people who were passing by and one subway rider immediately sprang into action and may have prevented more serious injury.

The actions of the “youths” have now been classified as attempted murder, as one spokesperson for the police informed the public. Police have launched an investigation after the homeless man was saved by a quick-thinking train driver.  The 37-year-old was sleeping at Schönleinstraße underground station when he was allegedly was set alight by a gang of youths.  

by Michael Stürzenberger The Berliner Zeitung writes neutrally of “young men” even though that when looking at the pictures it is clear to everyone that they are migrants: During the night between the 24th and 25th of December seven young men set a homeless man on fire at the subway station Schönleinstraße. Now pictures of the offenders have been published.

One should pay attention to the downplaying public-service-speech of the police: “The seven youths, all of them young men, are under the suspicion of endangering a sleeping homeless man with fire at the subway station Schönleinstraße”, the police informed the public on Monday.

“Endangering with fire” — that sounds as if the migrants were lighting up cigarettes near the homeless man. The reality is they had set him on fire and wanted to burn him! But at least the usually much sleepier Berlin police published the photos immediately. According to the Berlin Zeitung, the seven migrants fled on the subway after the incident. They have not been apprehended yet.

CCTV of the suspects on subway: