FINALLY! Germans outraged at Angela Merkel’s obscene Muslim immigration policies are starting to fight back

German history of 2016 will be notable for a rising tidal wave of anger and political unrest…which will pale in comparison to the public demonstrations of outrage that are projected for 2017.

Islamic Jihad activities started on New Years Eve of 2015 with mass Jihad rape in Cologne and other German cities. The Islamic Jihad War against Germans was proceeded bya series of terror attacks like in Würzburg, München and Ansbach. It was followed by smaller attacks committed by Islamic refugees and immigrants especially on women. All this had changed the country totally. 2016 is the year of protest demonstrations and new political movements as the Alternatives for Germany (AfD), PEGIDA and others. Now, no weekend goes by without protests against the Islamization of the country, EU and against open borders.

Roni Stoker