WHILE Obama Regime-funded “rebels” in Syria continue to slaughter Christians, Syrian president Bashar Assad celebrates Christmas with Christians at a monastery

On Dec. 25th, Syrian President, accompanied by his wife and children, celebrated Christmas by visiting the Monastery of Our Lady in the Christian village of Saydnaya.

Bashar Assad, whom Barack Hussein Obama and various Islamic terrorist groups have been trying to depose for the past several years, has always been a strong supporter of minorities in Syria, especially the Christian community.

Christianophobie  The Assad family was welcomed by hundreds of local Christians at the Our Lady Monastery, where they spent several hours. Last year, the President and his family visited the Christian village of Maaloula at Christmas.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his wife Asma visited orphaned children at the Saidnaya monastery on Sunday. At the monastery, Assad was greeted by nuns and some of the fifty orphaned children currently residing there.