THANK A MUSLIM for ruining national celebrations in America: Law Enforcement now forced to put up massive barriers to prevent MUSLIM truck jihad attacks

NEW YORK CITY: In Times Square, nearly 100 strategically placed sanitation vehicles and dump trucks will augment the law enforcement presence in the Crossroads of the World this weekend.

NY Daily News  The sand-filled 16-ton trucks and hundreds of blocker cars will serve as bomb barriers to prevent access to the streets by Muslim terrorists in trucks around the massive Midtown celebration and its anticipated 2 million revelers.

The garbage truck blockade was first used at this year’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which came four months after a truck-driving MUSLIM terrorist killed 84 people by plowing through a Bastille Day crowd in Nice, France. 

Earlier this month, a Berlin truck attack by a MUSLIM killed a dozen people and wounded dozens more when a terrorist mowed down shoppers at a crowded Christmas market.

CALIPHORNIA: Pasadena police will barricade 56 routes to Rose Parade with barriers to prevent MUSLIMS in truck attacks.

Daily Breeze  The Pasadena Police Department will lock down 56 streets near the Rose Parade this year with water barricades, police cruisers and armed officers in an attempt to prevent a truck attack similar to deadly incidents in Berlin, Germany and Nice, France.

Though no known threats exist, Police Chief Phillip Sanchez said the Rose Parade’s heightened and constantly evolving security is now the norm for the annual New Year’s celebration, which attracts hundreds of thousands from around the world.

Sanchez said the decision to use barricades is in response to previous incidents throughout the world.  To prevent a similar attack in Pasadena, the city is closing off all 56 streets that connect to the parade route, Sanchez said.

Pasadena already partners with county, state and federal authorities on parade security. Last year, the Rose Parade received one of the highest security designations, putting Pasadena on the same level as the Super Bowl and a handful of other events throughout the country.

The new designation means even greater assistance from federal agencies. This year, the Department of Homeland Security put the Secret Service in charge, but the FBI, Homeland Security, Border Patrol, the Coast Guard, the ATF and more than a dozen other agencies provide resources.