UK: Man who tied bacon strips to a mosque mysteriously “dies” in Bristol prison

Yes, that’s right, a man who was jailed for 12 months for tying a few strips of bacon to the door handles of a mosque has suddenly died in prison. Officials so far will not say what caused his death.(Anyone know how many Muslims are in this Bristol jail?)

Bristol Post (h/t bleeps)  Kevin Crehan, 35, died in HMP Bristol on Tuesday, December 27 while serving a 12-month sentence for the crime. A prison spokesman said an investigation into the death in underway, but no further detail has been released. 

Crehan, from Knowle, was jailed in July along with 48-year-old Mark Bennett, from Patchway, after the pair “baconed” the Jamia Mosque in Green Street, Totterdown. 

During the incident a St George’s flag was also tied to the fence surrounding the mosque. Bennett was given a nine-month sentence for his role in the attack earlier this year.

They were also given a restraining order banning them from going within 100 metres of a mosque anywhere in England or Wales for the next 10 years.

Sentencing, Judge Julian Lambert had said the incident was an ‘attack on England’ and ‘the principles of freedom of religion.’