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  1. It is as good as watching Hilter’s speeches, we have to put a full stop to this islamophobia and pandering to the right

    • Sadiq! How did you get past the moderator you arab supremacist you! But while you’re here let me tell that you’re better off going back to one of the 56 islamic states while you still can. (Unless you’re writing this from the comfort of your own home in riyadh) That’s where you belong; no hijra for you honey.
      Oh, and by the way, you won’t find “islamophobia” in the DSM-5 (or any other version of the DSM). That’s because the term was invented by ARAB SUPREMACISTS!!! 1400 years of islamic carnage and one would have to be a crazy fool not to be afraid of moslems.
      Oh, and before I go, Hitler luuuved you guys; and you guys luuuuve him back.
      Better go back to the drawing board and refine your taqiyah cuz we’re on to you.

    • I dare you, a fucking double dare you! You fuckups will never be welcome to Poland. for one rape we retaiate with 100 kills, got it, goatfucker ? we do not need army for that, we do not need police to do that, we do not permission form any kind of god to do that, i wipe my boots with your islamic pride. Now trigger you son of dog.

      • There are a number of You Tube videos showing Poles beating dowm muhammadans. They show no mercy. My family are part Polish and I grew up in a Polish Chicago neighborhood.

  2. The biggest movement to freedom from mus slum dangers begins with small steps by telling the truth that is slum is the problem to the world and is slum can not tolerate any other group. So the 1.5 billion mus slums will destroy everything that is not Islamic. That by the way is all of us 6 billion infidels and kafirs. We still have a 1 to 4 odds to win if we recognize the dangers of is slum before it is too late.

  3. If it is in the power of the Christian Citizens of Europe & North America to decide on the Invasion of their countries by Islamic Savages, We Say, HELL NO. These are not immigrants coming to our country to become a part of our society, they are Murderous Invaders, who want to enforce barbaric Sharia on us all.
    Our “Leaders & Political Hacks” are the villains, who are supporting these Terrorists & getting rich off of the bloody deal. We need a Political Rebellion & throw the Muslim-Loving Politicians out of office. Replace them with Nationalist Leaders who will restore Rules & Laws, NOT SHARIA!

  4. 20 days until BHO is gone, He better keep his nose out of our new government with Trump in charge. Besides a brand NEW YEAR, 2017 , we get a president who believes in the USA. Good tor Poland for standing up to the muslimes,. A Christian nation standing for their values. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERY ONE!!!!

  5. One of my friends at work, who lives here in Poland for 6 years already is English. He has polish wive and 2 children. What he enjoys the most in this country is very easy to guess: as it is SAFETY!
    He likes very much, that he can walk at evening to his home, in a big city – absolutely undisturbed by anyone. Certainly yes – as there are no mosques here, no arabic communities and no Arab immigrants at all. As a result, there is no jihad, no knife attacks and no rapes of our women and children.
    Yes – the leftists are now a small minority in this country. Most of Poles vote right wing parties. Even Poles of jewish origin, famous journalists – are mostly right wing and proud of being right wing!

    Happy New Year for Bonni and all readers of our blog!
    I wish you – a very good coming Donald J. Trump presidency!

    • Why call those Polish parties “Right Wing”? Why not just label them “sensible and intelligent”. In other words, say that the Polish people vote for the “sensible and intelligent parties”. The irritating thing is that “Left wing” and “Progressive” carry this aura of positiveness.

      • Hello Maghan πŸ™‚
        Right wing and Left wing – here in Poland have equal meaning. For example Law and Justice party is christian – patriotic – so – “right wing” – I do not know of how to translate it better πŸ™‚

        It is leftie – liberal agenda to name call patriots and label us as a nationalists (difference is huge as patriots of a given country respect each other and like patriots of other countries, while nationalists do not. Good example of a nationalist was A. Hitler).

        It is also a proof, that leftie liberal media were succesfull in dimming difference between patriotism and nationalism, but also presented “right-wing” political option as negative. Well – our world is big – and “right wing” does not has any negative meaning in Poland and entire Central Europe.

        FYI: Gazeta Wyborcza – the most influential leftie – liberal daily newspaper in PL is dying for a couple of years already – amount of readers of this BS is constantly declining.

  6. we will fucking destroy islam just like we did in the times of Jan III Sobieski. we know that this ideology is satanic. Catholicysm is not perfect, but islam is definetly not the way. Watican may be corrupted but Poland just accepted Jesus Christ as the King of Poland. so fuck you savages of islam. you will never come here cuz your asses will be kicked to the oblivion of allah

    • I stand with you. I have begun a more intensive study of Poland. First thing I learned is that Polnad was much larger than today. So its heritage is wider than we think.

  7. “Puleeez, Keep part of Europe Muslim free …. we need somewhere to get away from these filthy savages …. they suck all the joy out of life …. like a skunk sucks kitty brains …. if he finds an unattended litter of kitties …. hidden in the Nebraska sage brush ?” Willa Cather’s Ghost

  8. I’m a Brexiteer in London, but I have absolutely nothing against the people who have immigrated to England for work, in particular, the Poles! I LOVE the Poles, as they’re hard-working, CHRISTIAN people who have many trades and talents that the English, many on benefits, have forgotten or think are beneath them. The people I don’t like in the UK are the ones who come here with many wives and jillions of children who expect everything to be given to them — housing, benefits, healthcare, etc., who do not integrate and who set about trying to turn the UK into the Hellholes they left!– Guess WHO!!!

    • Even when occupied, Poland fielded a squadron for the battle of Britain and a unit which fought at Anzio. They were there at D-Day. A valiant ally.

  9. We here should learn from this beautiful young girl. We have to come back to our Judo-Christian background. AND WE WILL.
    Can’t wait to January 20.
    God (not allah) bless and save America from it’s within enemy first.

  10. Good for the Poloish side of the family. We spell our last names only slightly differently. We are shorter with brown hair, they are blonde/blue-eyed.

    • AzGal there is something brewing in Europe for 2017. It will blow the lid of the barrel, I think a civil war is brewing and the Germans still live in LULU land. (Wolkenkuckucks Heim)
      This Primitivlings have to be stopped one way or the bullet way.

      • JJ: I hope so! 2017 will be exciting here in the US because of our new Pres. Trump. I hope you’re right about Europe. Especially the situation in Germany, which really breaks my heart.