SWEDEN: Muslim migrant freeloaders angry that they haven’t been given nice houses, instead of small apartments, to live in

Muslim migrants dissatisfied with the quality of life provided for them by Swedish taxpayers are increasingly speaking out, with one Syrian even accusing Swedes of wanting to kill him and his fellow ‘refugees.’ (I’m sure they do… and rightly so)

Breitbart  Never mind the law-abiding Swedish citizens who are in need of a home. And it isn’t just Swedish politicians who are forcing this excessive burden onto the backs of their citizens. Recently in Germany, a Muslim refugee from Syria with four wives and 23 children claimed $389,000 in a year in benefits.

“You have made our lives miserable”, Syrian Mohammad Jumaa wrote in an opinion piece published by Sweden’s public broadcaster Thursday. Blasting how he and other Muslim migrants have waited a year but have yet to be provided with “a good life”, which includes a well-paid job and nice home, he laments: “We are people, not animals that only need to eat and sleep!” (Yes, you are, especially if somebody else is paying the bills)

Slamming Swedes for “forcing” migrants to “wait in housing with poor conditions”, he wrote: “I am an honourable and honest man. Many refugees curse the day they came here. (Good, go home)

“I can’t believe this is in Sweden!” the Syrian exclaimed and accused the country, which casts itself as a ‘humanitarian superpower’, of only pretending to care about human rights. “Why did you open your doors to us refugees, if you can’t help us to live a dignified, respectful and fulfilled life?” Mohammed asks.

“Do not tell me [as an excuse] that you have so many refugees in Sweden. I know that. But I do not understand why you want to kill us a second time. This waiting process is the same as killing us.” (If only it were)

Below is a photo of a train after Muslim migrants got off in Sweden:

Waiting “is the same as dying”, and it “leads to a lot of stress” and “a lot of bad feelings”, the Syrian explained. Adding that most migrants feel the same way, Mohammed begs Swedes to show care for him and his cohorts, and to see them as “human beings and not just animals or numbers.” (Basically, you are sub-human)

His fellow Syrian, Mahmoud, made a similar appeal for compassion in an interview broadcast Tuesday. “I want a house”, he told Swedish Radio, bemoaning having to live in an apartment, which he said hampered his chances of finding a girlfriend. Presenter Katarina Gunnarsson notes that the Syrian’s room, paid for by taxpayers “looks like a hotel room”, but Mahmoud said he had higher expectations of life in Sweden.

“I had very high hopes of getting my own private house. And then they give me this apartment. It’s like a refugee camp. What is the difference?” the former Damascus resident complained. “I’m 25 years old and have not had a girlfriend before. I’m still a virgin. I’m looking for a girlfriend, I’m looking for a wife. But this is impossible, how can I be able to have a life in this room?” he added.

Gunnarsson reminded Mahmoud that many young Swedes would be jealous of him being given an apartment in Stockholm, as the country is gripped in an unprecedented housing crisis. “I came to Sweden and had high hopes of creating a life here. But after living here for a year and eight months, I started to lose hope,” he responded.

Muslim adults are posing as children so they can get preferential treatment in Sweden.

Migrants living in the same Norrtälje apartment block as Mahmoud protested against the newly built modular housing in August. Almost half the building’s residents joined the demonstration, in which they marched to the social services department.

According to staff at the department, protesters felt “misled” over the accommodation as they had expected to be given their own permanent apartments rather than sharing a kitchen with other migrants. According to their spokesmen, the disappointment left some of the migrants experiencing depression and even suicidal thoughts. (Good!)

Migrants are promised a taxpayer-funded luxury living and free blonde women in Sweden according to propaganda advertising in the Middle East. Over a thousand illegal alien Muslim migrants a day are seeking asylum in Sweden. Speisa.com reported.

The Guardian  Swedish authorities were called  to remove a group of refugees who have refused to get off a bus after being taken to a village, saying it was “too cold” and isolated.  “There are 14 people inside and around the buses who don’t want to move into the [asylum] centre,” Migration Agency spokeswoman Maria Lofgren told AFP.

They were part of a group of 60 Syrians and Iraqis brought by bus to Limedsforsen, close to the Norwegian border, to a village of wooden chalets where they were to stay while their asylum claims were assessed. (Notice the fancy smart phones they have)

ZeroHedge  The Swedes see the welfare systems failing them. Swedes have had to get used to the government prioritizing refugees and migrants above native Swedes.“There are no apartments, no jobs, we don’t dare go shopping anymore [without a gun], but we’re supposed to think everything’s great. …

Women and girls are raped by these non-European men, who come here claiming they are unaccompanied children, even though they are grown men. … You Cabinet Ministers live in your fancy residential neighborhoods, with only Swedish neighbors. It should be obligatory for all politicians to live for at least three months in an area consisting mostly of immigrants… [and] have to use public transport.”

Angry, despondent and desperate Swedes have pled with the Social Democratic PM to stop filling the country with criminal migrants from the Third World or, they write, there is a serious risk of hatred running rampant in Sweden. One woman suggested that because the Swedish media will not address these issues, Löfven should start reading foreign newspapers, and wake up to the fact that Sweden is sinking fast.

Now, Swedes see the welfare system failing them. More and more senior citizens fall into the “indigent” category; close to 800,000 of Sweden’s 2.1 million retirees, despite having worked their whole lives, are forced to live on between 4,500 and 5,500 kronor ($545 – $665) a month. Meanwhile, seniors who immigrate to Sweden receive the so-called “elderly support subsidy” — usually a higher amount — even though they have never paid any taxes in Sweden.

Worse, in 2013 the government decided that people staying in the country illegally have a right to virtually free health and dental care. So while the destitute Swedish senior citizen must choose between paying 100,000 kronor ($12,000) to get new teeth or living toothless, a person who does not even have the right to stay in Sweden can get his teeth fixed for 50 kronor ($6).