POLAND: Anti-Muslim riots erupt after local Polish man is killed by one or more Arab Muslims

At least 25 locals were detained in the Polish town of Elk after they smashed up a Muslim kebab diner and clashed with police, throwing firecrackers and stones. Up to 300 people took part in a rally after a local Polish man was allegedly stabbed to death by men of Arab descent.

RT  A few hundred locals gathered in front of the Prince Kebab diner to light up candles in a vigil for a 21-year-old Daniel, a local resident, who is said to have been stabbed to death in a brawl involving foreign Muslim  employees of the café on Saturday night.  

Although police have not officially revealed the nationality of the suspects, Polish media reported they were two Algerians, a Tunisian and a Moroccan. All the suspects are said to be have been working at the vandalized diner.

Shortly after the gathering turned violent, some people started to hurl stones and firecrackers at the building, smash its windows, broke into the premises and destroyed the cafe’s property. As the police tried to calm down the protesters, they turned on officers, showering police cars with firecrackers, bottles and stones.  

Upon wreaking havoc on the diner, the mob reportedly vandalized another restaurant, said to be run by the same people, Elk Councilor Michael Tyszkiewicz told PAP. Polish media report that the brawl between the 21-year-old victim and the suspects in his murder started after he threw a firecracker inside the diner at about 11pm local time on Saturday, provoking the suspects to come out. The ensuing fight resulted in him receiving two fatal wounds, reportedly from a knife. 

Riots in a Polish town compounded by a recent “high-profile” funeral attended by Poland’s president for a Polish truck driver who was killed in Berlin just hours before the Christmas market truck rampage, “provide a wider framework for anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim mood in Poland,” political author and commentator Srdja Trifkovic told RT.