SHOCKINGLY, following the latest Islamic terrorist attack in Berlin, which killed 12 and injured 50, ‘Mother’ Merkel’s approval rating continues to rise in opinion polls

As a result of the 1200 sexual assaults and rapes by Muslims on German girls and women in Cologne last year, the government has confiscated tens of thousands of qurans, in an effort to stop Muslims from carrying out the violence against unbelievers clearly called for in their holy book. Or perhaps, they don’t want Germans  to find out what the ‘religion of peace’ has in store for them.

UPDATE Cologne police are being condemned this year for Muslim/racial profiling which reduced attacks by Muslims in Cologne on New Years Even from 1200 to less than 12. Left-wing activists have criticized the police for focusing their security efforts too clearly at the same groups which were identified as the main perpetrators of the 2016 attacks. The comments came after Cologne police controlled thousands of so-called ‘Nafris’ — North African Muslims — as they attempted to enter the city centre ring of steel. An internal document describing Nafris revealed in the German press briefs police officers that they come from Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, are generally between 15 and 25-years-old, and are very violent.