TURKS ON TWITTER blame Jews for Islamic terrorist attacks and murder of Russian Ambassador in Turkey

And just like most Muslims, they blame the Jews for everything, including floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, 9/11, ISIS, and more.

INN  Andrei Karlov, the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, was fatally shot on 19 December at an art exhibition in Ankara. The perpetrator was a Turkish Muslim special forces police officer. Many Turkish Twitter users, however, blamed the assassination on the Jews, calling it a “Jewish plot” and claiming that the assassin “had a Jewish look.”

When Turkish soldiers are killed in Turkey, many Turks blame it on the Jews, a group irrelevant in the Turkish-Kurdish conflict. But even when the murderer of a foreign diplomat is a Turkish police officer, these Turks are still too shameless to accuse Jews of the murder committed by a criminal, who is their own: A Muslim Turk.

According to the Turkish website Avlaremoz, which covers Jewish-related issues, some of the Tweets included:

  • “The real enemy of all the Muslims and all of the oppressed in the world is Zionism and the cursed Israel. Behind the assassination is the Jewish lobby and the USA.”

  • “The assassin is a lowlife agent of the Jewish lobby.”

  • “The Jew does not want Turkish-Russian rapprochement. By inciting Islamophobia, their pawn in Turkey is also involved in the game. Whoever will benefit from this should be the perpetrator. (Dograel – a distorted form referring to the word Israel.)”

  • “This looks like Jewish work. Simple and effective”

  • “The assassin has the typical Jewish look. I don’t know if it’s just me but he is a real Jew.”

In an attempt to spew their Jew-hatred, many Turkish anti-Semites rushed to Twitter – as they often do following all crisis situations in Turkey – and accused the perpetrators of being Jewish. Two days before the Russian diplomat’s assassination, on 17 December, a suspected car bombing in the Turkish city of Kayseri killed 13 Turkish soldiers aboard a bus and wounded at least 55 others.

According to Avlaremoz, some Tweets included:

  • If you were not treacherous, if you were not kafir, if you did not have Jewish roots, you would not attack unarmed soldiers. Victory will be ours, hell will be yours.

  • As you have cowardly asses, you were not able to confront our soldiers and you carried out a treacherous bomb explosion, you Jewish bastards. You will not make it. Revenge will be ours, remember that.

  • Hey you, cowardly Jew, whose humanity is only as much as his money. As you and your dogs burn in hell, those who you have made martyrs will be in heaven.

  • Obviously, we will not have peace unless there are explosions in Iran, England and in the Jewish lands.

  • Cowardly, undignified ones with no honor. You do not have the courage to stand up to a single soldier of ours. Satans. Armenian, Jewish sperms. You will all be croaked.

  • We do not want death penalty for them. We want torture for them. Let them all pay for what they have done, Jewish dogs.

  • Vile, ignoble, Armenian, Jewish, dogs of Hitler. They attacked our soldiers again dastardly. May Allah curse you. The pigs of the EU, USA and Israel.

  • You will not make it, ignoble servants of Jews. This system will change and this country and this nation will get rid of you. Get out and take your owners with you.

  • You Godless ones, those without a holy book, you Armenian, Jewish, Persian, kafir underbred ones. Cursed sperms of rats. Enough is enough.

As the Israeli politician Naftali Bennett puts it, “Even when a British Muslim kills a British Christian there will always be someone who blames the Jews and Israel.”