THANK YOU, AUSSIES! Australian lawmaker wants New Zealand punished for pushing the anti-Israel UN resolution

An Australian senator has demanded tighter immigration controls coupled with trade sanctions against New Zealand after it co-sponsored a United Nations resolution condemning Israel’s Judea-Samaria settlements. The upper house representative also wants the Australian government to back Israel and take serious steps to stop the “world-wide targeting of the Jewish state.”

Breitbart  Sen. Malcolm Roberts (pictured above) of the One Nation Party said he was “appalled” at New Zealand co-sponsoring a resolution in the UN Security Council criticising Israeli settlements as violating international law and undermining a two-state solution with Palestine.

“If Australia had applied pressure to New Zealand in a serious manner, the new English government would have thought twice before stabbing our ally in the front,” Sen. Roberts said in a press releaseThe resolution was passed 14-0 at the last council meeting of 2016, and New Zealand’s final meeting in its two-year term as an elected member of the Security Council.

New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully addresses a Security Council meeting on the situation in the Middle East

Sen. Roberts said immigration controls for New Zealanders traveling to Australia should now be reviewed in the light of the ballot. “At the very least we should look at further cutting benefits for New Zealanders living in Australia. Perhaps a tougher immigration policy aimed towards New Zealand would stop Kiwis from establishing settlements in Australia.”

JPost when Israel is recovering from the shock of UN Security Council Resolution 2334, comments made by Australia’s government are encouraging. In a statement released on Thursday, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop voiced her disagreement with the resolution. Australia is not currently a member of the Security Council and therefore is not eligible to vote, noted Bishop. However, “in voting at the UN, the coalition government has consistently not supported one-sided resolutions targeting Israel.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has instructed Israel’s ambassador in New Zealand to return to Israel for consultations, his spokesman said yesterday in response to a UN resolution on settlements. 

Sen. Roberts then took aim at U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry for comments made regarding Israeli settlements, calling him a “lame duck” for issuing a harsh warning to Israel that it could be either democratic or a Jewish state, but not both.

“Israel is the Jewish state, and it’s the only Middle Eastern democracy where Christians, Muslims, atheists and Jews can all be elected to the same parliament,” he said. “Israel is Jewish and democratic, unlike most Islamic countries.”