JEWISH VOICE FOR PEACE: A so-called ‘Jewish’ organization that spends most of its time fighting so-called “Islamophobia”

The deceptively named ‘Jewish Voice for Peace’ (JVP), a group backed by Nazi collaborator, George Soros, as well as designated terrorist group CAIR, is virulently anti-semitic, anti-Israel and pro-Hamas. So, it should come as no surprise that the Seattle JVP chapter has declared solidarity with what it believes to be ‘persecuted Muslim refugees.’

MyNORTHWEST  Walk into any JVP office, and you’ll see posters proclaiming (Muslim) ‘Refugees Welcome Here’ or ‘Stop Profiling Muslims.’ The JVP, which has been around for about 10 years and focuses on peace in the Middle East, justice, equality and dignity for Palestinians.

Among the group’s concerns are Trump’s many campaign ideas and promises, including his proposed registry for Muslims and his nominees for cabinet positions, including Ambassador to Israel who are shockingly ‘pro-Israel.’

We are asking local businesses to take a stand against racism and Islamophobia,” she said. “We welcome Muslim refugees into this country. We don’t agree with the things Donald Trump has said about banning Muslims from immigrating to this country or banning Syrian Muslim refugees.”

We don’t want government officials racially profiling Muslims on airplanes and trains. “It’s such a scary, hateful environment right now for folks wearing hijabs (headbags),” she added. “We’re really trying to stand up in solidarity with our Muslim neighbors and friends.”

Some of JVP’s funders:

JVP-Seattle and Jews Against Islamophobia also joined together on Dec. 21 outside Pacific Place to stand together against Islamophobia and racism as part of a Chanukah ritual — holding nine signs, which, together, made the shape of a Chanukah menorah. Each sign contained an injustice that said they wanted to recommit themselves to challenging. Among them:

• We refuse to be silent about anti-Muslim speech and violence.
• We condemn state surveillance of the Muslim community.
• We fight anti-Muslim profiling and racial profiling in all its forms.
• We call for an end to racist policing

“It’s just a moment for Muslims and Jews to come together,” Elisheva Somerson said. “And I think Muslims are primarily being targeted right now but we don’t know what’s going to happen with rising anti-Semitism and the way that racism and anti-Semitism intersect. (The reason for rising anti-semitism is left wing Jewish support for Muslims)

Algemeiner Jewish Voice for Peace is an organization that is neither a voice for peace nor Judaism, except when Jewish traditions can be manipulated to support the Palestinian cause. JVP refers to itself as the “Jewish arm” of the Palestinian solidarity movement.

Jewish Voice for Peace’s members are far-left wing, self-hating Jews, whose aim is to weaken the State of Israel, portray Jews in a negative light, and rally Americans in support pro-Palestinian/Hamas policies and against pro-Israel policies.

Despite their advocacy for a two-state solution,  JVP does not accept the idea of a two-state solution, but seeks a unitary state overrun with four generations of Palestinian “refugees” that will obliterate the Jewish character of Israel and fulfill the Palestinians’ professed goal of pushing the Jews into the sea.

How is it possible for someone who is nominally Jewish to pursue such a goal? The same way it was possible for a young George Soros to find absolute elation in helping the Nazis hunt down his fellow Jews for extermination. (See below)

They’re active supporters of the “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” movement. They’ve supported and sponsored protests comparing Israel to Nazi Germany. The purpose of BDS is to deny Israel’s right to exist, to legitimize terror, and to cheer-on the coming of a second Holocaust.

BDS is a program of demonization, vilification and delegitimization of Israel, characterizing it as an apartheid state. JVP co-sponsors and participates in symposia and rallies where there is vocal support for groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, whose unequivocal intentions to destroy Israel are shamelessly part of their reasons for existence.