HUNGARIAN expert on Islam says “Muslims are here for only one reason – to convert us, NOT to integrate with us

Says Miklos Maroth: “With Muslims, there is no expectation of mutual respect. They will never integrate with Western culture or society.  They will never be tolerant of other religions. And once their population numbers are suffienct (20 – 30%), they will begin persecuting the native population, at first by demanding that all symbols of Christianity be removed from the public domain…and secular Europe will only be too happy to comply.



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  1. The sad thing is, that this threat is very hard to stop. Islamic communities breed fast and in great number, to try and force through their perceived superiority.
    They outbreed native populations to further galvanise and anchor in their muslim ghettos.

    Only by politically forcing them back can we take back ground.
    And it pains me to say this, but far right parties are probably the only way to stop the rise in islamisation.
    I would have never even thought of voting far right before, but my hand is forced by stupid left leaning politicians and an extremely dangerous global climate. As a message and in the case of the UK and the possible leadership of Khan, I would be forced to vote Tory to stop the threat (a party I greatly despise). There’s evidence to believe over here, that Labour will change leaders and I believe they will possibly opt for the muslim London mayor Khan.

    This video is exactly spot on, in defining the very real threats this cult poses to all of us. Islam by its very presence is not peaceful and its ‘God’ is not a tolerant or loving being, rather an unmerciful and violent leader.
    The religion of peace quote sums up islam for all it is, one big lie.

    • “would have never even thought of voting far right before”
      Bel, I would like to see your definition of “far right”?????

  2. Once Western Europe has allowed the
    NWO masters to decimate it with virtually
    no warfare,I don’t believe islam will be
    satisfied with that, a total conquest will
    be in order from there.Eastern Europe is
    what they have their sights on, and if the
    East is not willing to hand it over, there
    will probably be battle.Turkey’s bid, or
    rather,blackmail to get into the EU looms
    large.Continue to fortify yourself,Hungary.

  3. This short video was extremely unsettling because the message of the Wests inability to confront the evil of islame, through wilful ignorance or propaganda, was discussed so calmly and so mundanely.

    I beg to differ on the one issue however. It doesn’t take a 20-30% population size before moslems take over, it is 2.5% to start agitating and by 5% they are demanding we bow down to their demands and have already infiltrated and started taking over our institutions.

    Mass immigration to the west is mostly moslem and they are now 3% of the Australian population. Western governments and the media have become increasingly anti-Christian and anti-Semitic. Once in power they revel in undermining and attempting to eliminate Judeo-Christian culture through a policy of multi-cultural diversity. Thanks to their forked tongue – politically correct- doublespeak, the “secular” left have become complicit in their own genocide.

    Schools once adhered to Jefferson’s principles of Separation of Church and State and public schools taught no religion. Nowadays the national curriculum includes mandatory islameic instruction. Without their parents knowledge, impressionable children are forced to read moslem propaganda such as it being a religion of peace, taken to mosques , even made to recite words of conversion. Conversion from what one wonders, since the only religious instruction they ever heard was that Christians are bad.

    The left defend their enthusiastic embrace of moslem religious instruction in schools as defending a man’s right to freely practice his religion. Ignorant of any religion, secular liberals fondly imagine they are imposing their authoritarian will on Christians and Jews by making their children learn about their benign religious opposition. The left have no understanding that islame is NOT a religion but a theocratic death cult and that they are considered prime targets when the invading population reaches critical mass of 5%.

    At 2% of the population, moslems already have the communities blessing to introduce Sharia through halal certification, with objectors called racist. At 2.5% the taxpayer now funds their Sunni schools, complete with veiled girls learning how to be sex slaves in a house and entitled males learning how to be slave masters. They shout us down in parliament, demand special religious considerations (holidays/prayer rooms/legal headsacks in court), refuse to acknowledge the law of the land, are racist, sexist and criminal. God help us when they reach 5%. And at 20-30% of the population we will either be eliminated, enslaved or paying jizya.

  4. Humorous in a way, how Muslims want to cozy up to American Blacks…..This shows you how
    much Blacks know about History. Islam has been taking Africans as slaves for about
    1,000 years. The Middle East was the last area on the Planet to officially give up
    slavery, which by the way, is STILL going on…..

  5. Thinking about what this man says, and how clearly he states his information, I am so frustrated by how people turn a deaf ear to people like him, still, after years of world-wide attacks and acts of aggression by Muslims.
    I suppose that on the topic of Islam, all they need to hear is – Islam is a RELIGION – and that pretty much closes their willingness to listen. It is like they actually have defined ‘religion’ as benign, peaceful, and for the greater good. And then they refuse to listen to anyone who tries to tell them anything different. They feel safe with all the little and big things in their world categorized into neat, uncomplicated boxes.
    But, when it comes to Islam, it won’t fit all neat and cozy into the box that they have set up for it (right next to the boxes for the world’s other religions). And it upsets them that of all the other ‘boxed religions’. Islam just won’t work right. So, they try to cram it into ‘it’s’ box, and still, it isn’t all neat and tidy looking, like the other boxes are. The lid just won’t close (so that they don’t have to deal with it, anymore).
    So, they try to ignore that Islam does not fit their definition (fit in their box). They have been told by the Media, Society on a whole, and by their own Government, that if Islam doesn’t fit into their box – that there is something wrong with THEIR perception, and that this makes them an Islamophobic bigot. And WHO wants THAT?
    So, as soon as the topic of Islam comes up, they shut down.

  6. “Muslims are here for only one reason – to convert us, NOT to integrate with us”
    Well duuuuuuh!!!!!! I have and I know you, BNI, have known this for near 9 years now.
    What irritates me is the hygienic attitude of the “news” people when they talk about the God forsaken FREAKING MUZSLIME. Even when they and the one being interviewed are speaking the truth they are so damned “clinical” about it, like we dont want even the REAL TRUTH to come out strongly, we don’t want to OFFEND the freaking evil muzslime now do we??? Damn I AM OFFENDED BY THE PROTECTIVE ATTITUDE!!!!!

  7. Centuries ago, it was STRONG EUROPEAN CHRISTIANS that fought back against Islam and drove Muslims out of Europe.

    In our day, there are VERY FEW Christians in Europe and Britain. Very unfortunate because of our alarming situation with Islam.

    And British and European leaders are ALL HUGE CHRISTIAN HATERS. If our leaders weren’t rabid Christian haters, they would have NEVER colonised our nations with Muslims.

    Although many Brits and Europeans think there is NO God, our leaders definitely believe in God and HATE Him!

    Their rabid HATE for God, will cause native Brits and Europeans to suffer horribly via the Muslims they imported.

    Although British and European atheists don’t realise it, everything that is taking place right now is because of HATE for God by Western leaders and the Muslim HATE for God.

    • Linda it surely DOES seem as though all the “leaders” really are under the spell of satan completely. I wonder if they are ALL total devil worshipers. I mean why else would they ALL be so adamant about forcing the devil filled muzslime into our nations. As I see it Lady we have been given a small window of opportunity to to get it right, with Mr Trump and Mr. Pence. I would sure like to see BNI double, triple, quadruple, oh heck ten fold, in the coming year. Bonni is clearly doing her part, ALL of us need to find a way to affect our planet for good somehow, pray for wisdom, He gives it abundantly.

      • Don, I believe that all of the Western leaders who colonised our nations with Muslims are Devil Worshipers.

        Donald Trump won the presidency because of the prayers of millions. I read over and over again on the internet how people prayed for him to win. Some people prayed from the time he announced he was running. Some people prayed constantly.

        What JOY that Donald Trump won! Thank You, God!

        People were extremely frightened what would happen to America if Donald Trump lost.

        If rabid God-hater, Hillary Clinton, had won, it would have been The End of America.

        I was told that in leftist stronghold New York City, people who planned to vote for Trump, because of the strong condemnation they would be given, would not tell their friends that they were voting for Trump.

        On Facebook, people made WARNING comments they would UNfriend their friends if they voted for Trump.

        In New York City, one woman was called by a pollster to ask who she was voting for. She was actually afraid to say over the TELEPHONE that she was voting for Trump.

        Everyone who voted for Trump are regarded as RACISTS. So illogical. So twisted.

  8. The truth about is slam and the demonic destruction it brings to any country it infiltrates is so well documented that I am amazed that there are still any naïve government leaders in the world who do not get it that democracy and every other form of government that does not bend to the demands of is slum and drinks the cool aid lies of is slum being about peace and being about immigration are stupid and a great danger to the countries they are leading down to destruction.

  9. Miklos Maroth: “With Muslims, there is no expectation of mutual respect….
    Yes Miklos is factual.
    Unlike Australia’s PM who in the very least is under delusion of his pretend mutual respect.

  10. A very knowledgeable man who describes the problem in a coherent manner. They do not have Islamic groups like CAIR in Hungary. They are free to express themselves without fear of being labeled.

    Everything he said, I am certain Trump already knows.

  11. Good and clear analysis.

    I am confident that many more leaders in society in Europe have awakened to the dire threat that is already present.

    I note that the Austrian Ministers of Defence and of the Interior in Germany have called for enforcing borders against these invaders and have demanded that asylum seekers must be made to apply officially BEFORE entering Austria.

    The European worm is finally turning!

    When we see Trump start to take stringent actions to protect America this will serve as example and encouragement and will embolden some leaders in Europe to make and bring about such restrictions.

    Not Merkel and her bunch of Commie bastards of course – they have to be removed by Germans using whatever means are available.

    Bear in mind that for effective border controls not all countries need implement closed borders, as each border has two sides.

    • “Not Merkel and her bunch of Commie bastards of course – they have to be removed by Germans using whatever means are available”

      -I suggest deport them with the invaders, let them love the rest of their lives living in a shit hole equal to that which they tried to create. Let them learn what a dhimmi is…

  12. Hopefully leaders like him, Trump, Putin, LePen, etc will clean this muslim problem u;p globally. Then they can install permanent safeguards for our nations to prevent any future attempts and prevent secret muslims amongst us from trying to allow this to happen against our will. Read the quaran and study your history doubters. Understand why the U.S.M.C. was created.