Isn’t ‘Muslim Beauty Shop’ an oxymoron?

Why do Muslim women need a beauty shop/hair salon when they keep their hair covered all the time and some keep their faces covered all the time?

Brooklyn Daily  A Muslim beautician is opening a women-only salon in Bay Ridge so hijab-wearing ladies can literally let their hair down without fear a man will walk in while they are baring more than they ought to. Beautician Huda Quhshi (above) designed Le’Jemalik as a beauty safe haven for Muslim women to literally let their hair down.

As a measure of modesty, many observant Muslim women do not let men outside of their immediate family see their hair — some borough beauty shops accommodate the requirement by shuffling clients off to back rooms or basements where they are out of the public eye, but the founder of forthcoming Le’Jemalik Salon and Boutique on Fifth Avenue wanted to give fellow Muslim women a more dignified solution to a unique conflict, she said.

Bay Ridge is peppered with beauty salons that advertise private rooms for covered gals, but man-free salons where ladies can luxuriate without the stress of strangers popping in is a rarity — and Le’Jemalik is likely the first of its kind in Bay Ridge, according to a rep with the Arab American Association of New York.

The salon is intended as a one-stop shop where women can get their hair cut and styled, nails painted, makeup done, and even receive skin-care treatments.

Even better, they can learn how to hide the tell-tale black and blue marks after a beating by their Muslim husbands

But why bother with a beauty salon when you can learn how to apply makeup online from a genuine Chubby Muslim Convert Girl.