Trump nominee Mike Pompeo must be a good choice for CIA Director if designated terrorist group CAIR is whining about him

According to the uber Alt-Left news site, SLATE, quoted by CAIR, Trump’s pick for CIA Director, Mike Pompeo, sees “foreign policy as a vehicle for holy war.” (It is a holy war that Muslims have been waging against the West since Islam’s inception in the 7th Century)

Like Trump, Pompeo has been a fierce critic of efforts to rein in the CIA’s torture program and a champion of keeping Guantanamo Bay open.

While in Congress, he was a frequent guest on the radio show of Frank Gaffney, president and founder of the Center for Security Policy, who is regularly condemned by Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR for claiming that the Muslim Brotherhood had infiltrated its parent organization, the American Conservative Union as well as the Obama administration.

After the election, the New York Times reported that Gaffney was informally advising Trump’s inner circle on national security hires. Gaffney once called Pompeo “one of the most intelligent men I know in public life,” and the two see the world similarly.

In February 2015, they spoke about President Obama’s use of the term “violent extremism” instead of “radical Islam,” a linguistic choice that some on the right see as a secret message of solidarity with jihad. Gaffney suggested that Obama might be conveying “an affinity” for ISIS’s cause, if not all its tactics: “the raising up of the Muslim Ummah, a grand rebalancing of America’s role in the world.”

Pompeo replied, “Frank, every place you stare at the president’s policies and statements, you see what you just described … every policy of this administration has treated America as if we are the problem and not the solution.”

Like Gaffney, Pompeo believes that radical networks have wormed their way into every corner of the country. “There are organizations and networks here in the United States tied to radical Islam in deep and fundamental ways,” he said on Gaffney’s show. “They’re not just in places like Libya and Syria and Iraq, but in places like Coldwater, Kansas, and small towns all throughout America.”

In June 2013, he took to the House floor to accuse Muslim leaders of failing to condemn terrorism in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing. “When the most devastating terrorist attacks on America in the last 20 years come overwhelmingly from people of a single faith, and are performed in the name of that faith, a special obligation falls on those that are the leaders of that faith,” he said.

Then he added: “The silence in the face of extremism coming from the best-funded Islamic advocacy organizations (CAIR) and many mosques across America is absolutely deafening. It casts doubt upon the commitment to peace by adherents of the Muslim faith.”

In 2014, Pompeo appeared on a Family Research Council podcast along with the group’s president, Tony Perkins. Both were indignant at Obama’s claim that America isn’t engaged in a clash of civilizations with the Muslim world. “It is in fact a clash of civilizations!” said Perkins. “This is exactly what we’re facing here, and if he is unwilling to acknowledge that, how in the world do you protect Western civilization?”

Pompeo responded: “In Western thought, there is this idea that you can’t address an evil absent calling it by its name. President Reagan understood that. President Bush, although he did not complete the mission, I think he understood that deeply.” Perhaps someone in the Senate can ask him how he plans to complete George W. Bush’s mission when he gets to the CIA.