UK: Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s speech to the Conservative party conference has been designated by police as a “hate incident” after Oxford academic made a complaint about its anti-immigrant message

Police investigated Professor Joshua Silver’s complaint and have determined that Ms Rudd’s pro-British workers speech will now be recorded in official statistics as a “non-crime hate incident.”

UK Telegraph  Mr Silver complained to the police that Ms Rudd had used “hate speech” when she suggested businesses could be “named and shamed” for failing to take on British workers.  He said Ms Rudd had made comments that “discriminated against foreigners” by “keeping lists.”

Tim Loughton, the senior Tory MP on the House of Commons Home Affairs select committee which has oversight of the work of the police, said: “It is really come to something when the Home Secretary, who has done more than most to clamp down on hate crimes, is then accused of the very same charges.“If anybody has a case to answer it must be this academic for wasting police time and a rather chilling attempt to undermine free speech.”

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