Let’s see how long Obama’s newly-appointed, Muslim-pandering, FBI official will last under a Trump Administration

A week before Donald Trump’s inauguration, a newly-appointed top FBI official, Paul Abbate (below), paid a visit to the al Qaeda-linked Dar al Hijra Islamic Center in Falls Church, VA, to reassure the Muslim community that stopping alleged anti-Muslim ‘hate’ crimes is one of the agency’s biggest concerns.

WUSA  Over the past year, this country allegedly (as claimed by CAIR) has seen a 67% increase in hate crimes against Muslims, according to the Virginia Attorney General’s office. (which is still only 20% of hate crimes against Jews, yet the FBI doesn’t give Jews the same kind of assurance)

Longtime Dar al Hijra Imam Johari Abdul-Malik embraced Paul Abbate, head of the FBI’s Washington field office, who, this week, was appointed executive FBI Assistant Director for Criminal Investigations Worldwide. “The essence of why we’re here is to keep you safe,” Abbate told the congregates as they gathered on the prayer rugs.

Joined by his team and Fairfax County Police Chief Ed Roessler, Abbate spoke to about a thousand people at one of three prayer services. Speaking to WUSA9 afterward, he said the FBI is committed to stopping anti-Muslim hate crimes and that people coming forward to report suspicious activity is key.

Abbatealso told the worshippers that the FBI is hiring and looking to diversify its ranks with Muslims to better reflect the communities it serves. Abbate said his team has had an on-going relationship with the mosque, whose leaders asked him to come deliver this message today.

Keep in mind he is talking about this mosque: Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Virginia. Shocking video showed its imam preaching that Muslims should be first in line to pick up weapons for violent jihad and characterizing the West as an adversary.

Dar al-Hijra is one of the most radical terrorist-supporting mosques in the country.

Clarion Project  The Dar al-Hijra imam from 2001 to 2002 was Anwar al-Awlaki, who later became a senior Al-Qaeda operative. His sermons were attended by two of the 9/11 hijackers and Major Nidal Hassan, who carried out a mass shooting at Fort Hood in 2009. He was killed by a US drone strike when he fled to Yemen as a member of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

A 2002 Customs and Border Protection document states that DAH is “operating as a front for Hamas operatives in U.S.” A December 2007 document says it “has been linked to numerous individuals linked to terrorism financing” and “has also been associated with encouraging fraudulent marriages.

In 2010, Dave Gaubatz, a former Special Agent with the U.S. Air Force’s Office of Special Investigations, referred to DAH as “Wahhabi quarter” and said he found “very, very violent materials” in its library that promoted physical jihad and sedition.

In the fall of 2013, radical Islamic texts were discovered in Dar al-Hijrah’s book sale, including one by Brotherhood spiritual leader Yousef al-Qaradawi. The texts taught that Muslims are to wage violent jihad in order to resurrect the Caliphate, destroy Israel and implement Sharia governance.

One of the founders of DAH was Ismail Elbarasse.[7] He was an assistant to a senior Hamas official named Mousa Abu Marzook. He was later found to be a part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s secret Palestine Committee that was set up to advance the agenda of Hamas. The FBI discovered U.S. Muslim Brotherhood archives when it searched his house in 2004.

Esam Omeish, a former member of DAH’s board of directors, was president of MAS from 2004 to 2008. In 2000, he was videotaped praising Palestinians that believe “violent  jihad way is the way to liberate your land.”

The current imam is Shaker Elsayed. He has served as a Secretary-General of MAS. In 2004, he said that the teachings of Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, are the “closest reflection of how Islam should be in this life.”

An earlier DAH imam, Mohammed al-Hanooti, was president of the Islamic Association for Palestine, a pro-Hamas organization and Muslim Brotherhood front.

A 2001 FBI memo states that informants reported that mosque leaders are “big supporters” of Hamas and  “purportedly holding fund-raising activities on behalf of HAMAS.” Another FBI informant reported  that Al-Hanooti collected over six million U.S. dollars for support of HAMAS in Israel.”