Will no-talent Hollywood actress, Linday Lohan, become a sex slave for ISIS now?

Or is this just her latest attempt to get media attention for her moribund career? After wiping out her Instagram and Twitter accounts, actress Lindsay Lohan sent a message to her followers that appears to indicate she has converted to Islam.

 MILO  Below is Lohan’s Instagram account with all of her posts deleted. Her bio is written in Arabic and translates to ‘Peace be upon you’ a common greeting among Muslims.

A spokesman for Lindsay Lohan stated that contrary to rumors, the controversial actress was not intoxicated when she was seen face down on the ground. Her spokesman said she was on the ground in that position, because she recently converted to Islam and was praying outside of a trendy nightclub she just left.

Although the possibility of Lohan converting to Islam may seem shocking, the actress has given hints of her interest in Islam over the past two years. 

In fact, Lohan was first introduced to the Quran by Saudi friends in London and expressed profound changes in her life while reading it. ‘It opened doors for me to experience spiritually, to find another true meaning. This is who I am.’

The actress also decided to move her production company to Dubai last year, which those around her refer to as a ‘period of renewal’.