Would somebody please tell these low-information, inbred, Arab Muslims that the ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’ was proven to be fake a long time ago

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was first published in Russia in 1903. It was said to be the text of a speech given by a Zionist leader outlining a secret Jewish plan to achieve world power by controlling international finance and subverting the power of the Christian church. 
The manuscript was used to justify hate campaigns against the Jewish people throughout the twentieth century, including the Russian pogroms of the early twentieth century and the Nazi persecutions of the 1930s and ’40s. Many copies of the Protocols are still in circulation today throughout the world. 
However, the Protocols are a hoax. Journalists discovered in 1921 that the text had been plagiarized from an 1864 work, Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu, by Maurice Joly. Joly’s book was an attack upon Emperor Napoleon III that didn’t mention the Jewish people at all. But when Joly’s work resurfaced in Russia at the turn of the century, it was transformed into pseudo-evidence of a vast Jewish conspiracy. 




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  1. You can’t tell the inbred anything, especially moslem inbred…..genetic train wrecks with muhammad the Pedophile as the engineer.!!!!!

  2. I have Polish friends, 40-70 years. They all believe that protocol is a true one. They are all academics, lawyers, musicologists, … In some Europeans, anti-Semitism is congenital. They also believe that it is the Jews, against all logic, that organize the Muslim invasion of Europe. Proof: Soros is Jewish.

    • I can say –
      I know full well what criminals and pack hunters many of these people are:
      (And the so called good ones – DO NOTHING to help).
      I know what it is like to have many unaffected people continue living their happy lives in bliss.
      As they themselves are unaffected, many rather ridicule and not believe someone stating the obvious.
      Have the left people pretend others like I are “racist” etc.
      They have the stupid working for them.
      So given Israel has to live beside madmen and full well know what mad people they are and have known for centuries.
      With other world leaders with influence, rarely listening.
      They have the same situation (As recent as the stupid New Zealand / UN Obama United States) Demonising of Israel, as one of Obama’s last stunt acts.
      If I personally had the ability to have some of these imported criminals live beside – say Mr Turnbull (here in Australia) and have him learn what it is like to live together with hostile neighbours.
      So he can experience the same.
      Then he and others, just perhaps – they might stop crowing about what a great contribution to our economy – these people have been.
      And as a no brainer – at least stop importing more of them.
      And help create a new organisation (as the ARAB corrupted UN was once meant to be), to better protect all.
      This now means protecting western law abiding citizens, freedoms, values and our societies.
      So, considering Israel is still being demonised (It seems too easy to take sides with the madmen bullies, even after all the terrorist acts taking place).
      Well, I must say – If the only way Israel had, was to influence the spread of these mad people around the world.
      With the hope that one day (let us hope that day is very soon) – the West finally wakes up.
      To the freedom dilemma that they and now all of us face.
      We (law abiding people) now welcome a real leader – Mr Trump.
      In the very least, he will stop the madmen import rot and do his very best to repair the damage already done.
      To me, it seems an impossible job. A job made this way by the likes of the UN, Merkel and Obama.
      History books will one day more correctly show this mad, corrupt period.
      Let us hope Trump, Israel (& new Western freedom allies) can contain and repair some the damage already done and hopefully prevent war.
      Ok – So let us pretend Israel were the perpetrators of some of these protocols.
      (It is so very true as others correctly point out – All the protocols fit perfectly to what the scheming Islam believing people are doing to our world right now – Power, thieving, corruption and spread of their people around the world).
      But given Israel had some influence – At least they did their jobs to better save themselves and show the rest of the ignorant world – for themselves.
      They told us.
      We did not listen.
      They were called propaganda liars.
      So you actually think these people are good?
      Great contributors?
      Ok, then.
      Just try living among lots of them.
      Here you go, You will find out for yourselves.

  3. Muslims are gaining ground …. their fake news is now only 100+ years old …. they started out 600 years AD behind the times …. they quickly descended to 1000 years behind the times …. now they’re barely a 100 years BTT (Behing The Times) …. my half full cup of time wine doth runneth over …. and trickle down my chest ?

  4. The protocols appealed very strongly to Austrians(south Germans) and certain French elites. Hitler picks this up in his tramp years and makes it an article of nazi faith. What is says is little less than its emotional appeal to those who need an ‘enemy’ to justify their lives. There is as much chance for moslems rejecting protocols as there is their acknowledging the utter failure of moslemism as a civilization in the world. By this the ‘civilization’ began to crack and crash only a couple generations after leaving the desert. It survives because slavery based violence is the heart of its creed.

  5. Always knew the conspiracy theory was fake but thank you for the detailed explanation BNI. This is why Trump remarked the fake pee news was reminiscent of nazi Germany.

  6. Far too many of these people ARE stupid, and much of it comes from the in-breeding that has gone on from almost the beginning of Islam. Just a couple hundred years is more than enough to create a group of worthless trash.

    As for others – believing this document has any value is a display of hate.

  7. Haahaaar you try talking sense to a Muslim, more chances of squeezing blood from a stone than getting a Muslim to comprehend something intelligent. Its just an empty hallway in their heads between their ears

  8. I have read the Protocols of Zion, and although it’s obviously a fake, if you change the name Jew to moslem, it makes perfect sense.
    Control of the press, control of schools, control of government etc.

  9. Seems like – as Trump puts it, and hopefully fixes best he can.
    People love hearing FAKE news.
    Fake news bribing it’s way through our world by criminals & currently being endorsed by the likes of CNN.
    And the bulk of these criminals originate from…
    6th Century AD