From misplaced “HOPE” to Trump Derangement Syndrome of “HATE” • “FEAR” • “RACISM” • “ISLAMOPHOBIA”

Artist Shepard Fairey was 8 years too early with his ‘Obama HOPE’ inauguration poster, hope which never was realized. The real hope is now, with the election of Donald J. Trump. But there will be no posters with a Trump image on it this year. As always, the snowflakes on the Left will do what they do best – making everyone who isn’t a white Christian male a victim.

USA Today  Progressives (aka communists) have a new poster child, or series of poster children, for hope. It’s not President-elect Trump or his cabinet picks, but a cast of Americans featured in the “We the People”  campaign, a so-called “diversity” campaign which deliberately leaves out white men – the people who founded this nation.

Jessica Sabogal, a Colombian-American muralist involved in the campaign joined Shepard Fairey, the artist behind the 2008 Obama poster, and others commissioned by the Amplifier Foundation, a progressive coalition of activists and artists. Their prints, which will be distributed across Washington, D.C. on Inauguration Day, feature Americans (legal or otherwise) from various backgrounds. “We the People” has traditionally meant “everybody, all of us.” But not this time.

Together, they hope the faces of “We the People” — standing in for traditionally marginalized groups or those specifically targeted during Trump’s presidential campaign will flood Washington, D.C., on Inauguration Day.

Apparently, gay males are no longer part of “We the People,” ever since Milo Yiannopoulis, a very popular outspoken conservative gay man AND Trump supporter broke all the rules for victimhood qualification as determined by the Left.


•  Native American woman who looks like a man

•  Muslim woman who desecrates the American flag by turning it into an Islamic headbag

• Hispanic (illegal alien?) woman with flower in her hair

• African-American (transgender?) boy with hair that makes him look like a girl

• Lesbian married couple about to kiss