Last-minute (CAIR-instigated) Dept. of Transportation ruling that Donald Trump will have to to revoke immediately

Designated Terrorist Group CAIR today welcomed new guidance documents from the U.S. Dept. of Transportation (DOT) on how to prevent anti-Muslim discrimination in air travel issued to airline personnel. (In other words, if a Muslim is acting unruly or suspiciously – shouting “Allahu Akbar” at other passengers or screaming in Arabic to other Muslim passengers on the plane –  airline personnel aren’t allowed to do anything about it)

CAIR The “Guidance for Airline Personnel on Nondiscrimination in Air Travel,” stresses the legal obligation to operate without discriminating in air travel based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, or ancestry.

The second document, “Passengers’ Right to Fly Free from Discrimination,” helps passengers understand their rights when flying on commercial airlines. DOT Issues Guidance Documents to Prevent Airline Discrimination

In the new documents, airline personnel are offered a number of “Illustrative Scenarios,” including ones in which a passenger is observed holding a book written in Arabic, a “bearded male passenger with a tan complexion boards the aircraft” and others in which passengers wear a Sikh turban or an Islamic head scarf (hijab).

“Following our recent efforts calling on the U.S. Department of Transportation to issue clear policy guidelines for the airline industry, we welcome this development as a positive step toward eliminating discrimination against passengers based on their actual or perceived religious or ethnic background,” said CAIR National Staff Attorney Maha Sayed. 

So when Muslims raise their asses to allah at the boarding gate or on the plane and all you hear is a lot of “Allahu Akbaring” (the favorite words of Islamic terrorists before they attack you), you’re not allowed to complain anymore.

In July of last year, following an influx of passenger removal incidents, CAIR filed a complaint to the DOT’s Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceeding requesting it to:

“[C]onduct a thorough examination into the prevailing practices of major U.S.  air carriers and publicly announce its findings, including whether any violations of law may have occurred. . .[and] develop clear policy guidelines on the objective factors that are to be considered when determining a passenger may legally be removed from a flight.

In light of these incidents, we also urge the Enforcement Office to require that airlines undergo regular sensitivity and diversity trainings for their employees to ensure that passengers are not subjected to unfair and discriminatory treatment in the future.“

CAIR has documented more than 149 removals from flights, buses or trains in the first nine months of last year, more than double the 62 of the same period for the previous year. (But they are very happy that the Obama Regime has ordered the hiring of so many Muslim TSA agents…making it far less likely that a Muslim terrorist will be stopped before boarding.