SWEDEN’s Islamic Arson Jihad epidemic rages on as Muslim invaders set fires to cars in two Muslim NO GO Zones

In Gothenburg and Malmo, two cities with a preponderance of Muslims, effectively turning them into NO-GO Zones for non-Muslims, eight cars were set alight in Gothernburg while three vehicles were destroyed in Malmo overnight.

UK EXPRESS (h/t Terry D) Despite being called to the scene shortly after the blazes were set, police said they have no leads or suspected in the case. (CRAP. Police are forbidden to say who they are because they are Muslims)

Police spokesman Thomas Gorner told Expressen: “A total of six cars were damaged in the fire. “It appears that someone started a fire and it spread. We have tried to gather information from witnesses, but we have no suspects at this time.”


In addition to the six cars destroyed in the Frölunda parking lot in the south-west of Gothenburg, another two burned out across the city in the suburb of Brunnsbo. Dan Lindqvist, a spokesman for the emergency services, said a seventh car has also been affected by the inferno.

He said: “Six cars were burning when we arrived. Car fires rapidly spread, these are incredible temperatures. “A seventh car was fire-affected by smoke and heat radiation.” 

Vandals also struck in Malmo, Sweden’s third-largest city, during the night as three vehicles burned out in the early hours of the morning.   by increasing levels of violence amid growing tensions as police have tried to crack down on criminal activity. 

During three months in 2016, over  in an act of retaliation against police. Despite great efforts to halt the arsonist attacks in Malmo has been described as a “lawless city” and a “battlefield” as the surge in crime continues. 

On NYE police were forced to admit the sent fireworks into crowds and. 

Witness Freddy Mardell described Malmo as “a lost city” as he insisted Swedish teenagers had to cling together in large groups not to be robbed. In 2016 Swedish police issued a report where it detailed incidents from more than.

Over the weekend, police in Gothenburg admitted the liberal country’s largest shopping centre had turned into a, as well as threatening officers and harassing girls.