Wasting his last five minutes in office, ‘Schmuckretary’ of State John Kerry just can’t pass up another opportunity to threaten Benjamin Netanyahu again

In his final public remarks as Secretary of State, John Kerry referred to the Israeli Prime Minister as “a friend,” but issued the same ultimatum that he has repeatedly made to him in private.

JPost  “You’re affecting the ability to make peace,” he said. “You’re changing the peace map, and you’re doing it unilaterally. And if you continue to do that, you’re going to have trouble also with us (that “us” no longer includes you, Kerry), because our credibility is on the line – we can’t say we’re against settlements and then turn around and turn away from an effort to try to do something about it.”

Kerry’s only major foreign policy address since the November presidential election has been on this topic, and he repeatedly condemns Israel for buillding homes on Israeli land.

Kerry said, “We saw a process taking place whereby the West Bank Judea-Samaria is slowly and steadily being eaten up (by its historic and rightful owners) – where municipal boundaries of settlements are expanded well beyond the settlement buildings themselves,” he said. “And if you take all the concentric circles of the municipal boundaries around these settlements, you actually see that most of the West Bank Judea-Samaria has been reserved for the exclusive use of Israel.” (Good, Israeli land for Israelis. What’s the problem?) 

Noting that the majority of Israel’s cabinet now opposes a two-state solution, Kerry said that a unitary state would be a “recipe for permanent insurgency, permanent conflict. “You see 11,000 demolition orders for (illegal) Palestinian homes right now, and they’re taking place at an increased rate,” he said. “It’s impossible to say that every person you add isn’t a complication when you decide what kind of state you want to have.”

Dragging out the same idiotic remarks he made at the UN, Kerry reiterated: Let me say to my “friends” in Israel that you cannot be a unity state and be democratic and Jewish at the same time. You can’t do it.”

To which Netanyahu just smiled, thinking, “Oh, yeah, watch me.”

“Buh Bye!”