TEXAS lawmaker sends “intimidating” letter to Muslims prior to Muslim Capital Day

The letter, which they are calling a “Loyalty Pledge” asks if they support sharia law and would like it to replace the Constitution. It also asks if they will denounce the terror-affiliated Muslim Brotherhood.

Texas Muslim Capital Day doesn’t go down well with most Texans, many of whom show up to protest this bi-annual pilgrimage to the Capita which they use to complain to legislators about Islamophobia and anti-sharia legislation being considered in Texas and many other states.

Texas State Lawmaker Molly White actually did ask them to sign a pledge when they came to her office: Texas Lawmaker: Muslims Should Pledge Allegiance Or Get Out Of My Office

We are counting on the good citizens of Texas to come out and protest this blatant Muslim attempt to block anti-sharia laws while pretending to be victims of anti-Muslim hate crimes.