AUSTRIA: At least 20,000 illegal alien Muslim freeloaders/invaders pretending to be refugees are housed, fed, clothed, and given money in the city of Vienna

A report in the Kurier newspaper revealed that more than 20,000 Muslim “asylum seekers” are officially registered and receiving state benefits in Vienna, but only two thirds of those are in the process of applying for or have been granted official refugee status.

New Observer  According to the Kurier, Vienna has a “magnet effect” on the nonwhite scroungers because the subsidies and social benefits paid in the city are higher than in other Austrian states.

A further 6,165 invaders have so-called “tolerated stay” status, which means that their removal is “impossible” either for practical reasons (such as a lack of documents or the country of origin’s refusal to accept them) or because their removal would contravene the Refugee Convention.

Of these “tolerated stay” invaders, 2,674 are actually rejected asylum seekers, from Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Nigeria, and Chechnya.

These crooks do not have any identity documents or residency permits, either from their countries of origin or from Austria. They do have the option however of applying for a passport at their country’s embassy, and leaving Austria of their own accord.

In addition, Vienna is also home to 3,491 fake asylum seekers who have been granted “subsidiary protection,” but do not qualify as refugees because they claim that they will suffer harm if returned to their home countries.

All these invaders have to apply each year for their residence permit to be extended on these grounds. They are also eligible to receive basic social security payments.

Breitbart On trial at the Regional Court of Linz, the Algerian Muslim (below), who has been convicted several times in France and Austria, is alleged to have tried to rape the victim before brutally beating her. Asked why he’d come to Austria the accused replied: “I have come to Austria to f*ck the women.” As well as having several rape convictions in Europe, the Algerian has a rejected asylum decision and a travel ban under his belt. The 35 year old is also accused of committing an attempted rape last November, and of an assault.