SAUDI ARABIA: Muslim woman beheaded in broad daylight as police look on

In this graphic video taken near the city of Mecca, a woman is punished for allegedly having committed what her husband alleges is the murder of his 7-year-old daughter. (If she did it, it was probably to stop the husband from raping the child)

IVN (h/t Judith R) It is unknown whether or not she was afforded due process during her defense, but the Saudi justice system is typically discriminatory against female defendants.



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  1. Saudi follows strict islamic laws and the beauty of that is .. crime is virtually unheard off. contrast that with america or other western cities… people get away with murder. I would prefer strict laws.

    • So… This video isn’t people getting away with murder? Crime virtually unheard of, due to murder being not a crime? Go live there if you would prefer.

  2. When are people going to wake up and realize that Islam is satan’s kingdom here on Earth and all muslims are his foot soldiers. God have mercy on that poor woman.

    Ban Sharia Law.

    Deport ALL muslims from America.

    I don’t want that over here.

    God’s attributes: Love, life, creation, free will, order, justice

    satan’s attributes: Hate, death, destruction, oppression, chaos, injustice

    • Beheadings are not by any means part of the religion. It’s a law of the land therefore please don’t talk about a religion unless you have read and understood it correctly. Saudis don’t represent the world’s Muslims, its just another Muslim country.

        • The reference you are quoting along with the scary picture is totally wrong and propaganda against Muslims. The reference is from Surah Al-Anfal and it refers to a war that was fought 1400 years ago. If you plan to quote anything from the Quran next time, I suggest please do your homework first. And I believe this picture was probably shown by American made ISIS who has no place in Islam. I’m a Muslim and I know my religion far better than you do. Suicide is strictly forbidden in Islam. Chopping off a woman’s head is not allowed in Islam either for ANY reason. Guys please grow up and get educated, stop swearing, stop believing in whatever crap you see or hear on the media. Do your homework.

      • Let’s do this Waqar. Saudi Arabia is “just another Muslim country” as they are all shit and none can be used as an example of admirable society. The verses in your book advocate murder and atrocities to pierce the hearts of the infidel and bring about submission. Those Hadiths too are clearly following a monster. My god.
        Islam does not accept other faiths of the world and would impose a tax on anyone who survives your Muslim abuse. Muslims are supremacists. Muslims are fascists. Your book also teaches that Islam will dominate the planet as promised by Allah. Well, we don’t want your nut in our shit. And allow me to promise you something Waqar, I will never submit. My end times will come about when muslims try that sharia shit.

        • Please understand that Quran is not only a guide but there’s a lot that was revealed and updates from the past that was given to prophet Muhammad by the creator. So anything that’s mentioned there in concerning killing are simply related to specific wars that was fought in those times. Every prophet right from Adam till Muhammad had problems and resistance from the people of their times trying to impose so called new religion of the time. For your information, Islam is the only religion that accepts all the other God made religions because they were all right and legitimate for a specific time. We believe in 124,000 messengers of God (Allah in Arabic). In order to be a Muslim we ought to have beliefs in David, Moses, Jesus, Joseph, Muhammad and all the other messengers of God otherwise I cannot be a Muslim. So now tell me how can we go against people of other religions?? Quran is the only holy book that has one whole chapter on Jesus and Mary. Try and differentiate between politics and religion. I don’t know of any war as of today that’s actually being fought cause of Islam. Quran says, if a person saves a life that means he has saved the whole humanity, and if a person kills someone that means he has killed the whole humanity. Suicide is also haram. And by the way the word Jihad means fighting against your own will OR evil whereas people tend to use it as for wars. e.g. If I’m trying to quit smoking or stay away from doing a sin, that means I’m doing Jihad. We all do jihad in that respect in our day to day life. Accepting or not accepting God (Allah) as your creator is solely your choice and I’m not here to convince you.

          • “Whosoever follows any other religion than Islam, it shall not be accepted of him, and in the hereafter he will be among the losers” (3:85).
            Jesus and the Disciples were Muslims (Quran 5:111), Solomon was Muslim (Quran 27:44) and all the prophets who were given the Torah were Muslims (Quran 5:44). Get fucked.
            The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter.
            Unlike nearly all of the Old Testament verses of violence, the verses of violence in the Quran are mostly open-ended, meaning that they are not restrained by historical context contained in the surrounding text (although many Muslims choose to think of them that way). They are part of the eternal, unchanging word of Allah, and just as relevant or subject to interpretation as anything else in the Quoran.

            Do you have any other nonsense you would like to spout out?

        • Yes and finally I would like to add that you are ignorant, uneducated, blind and a person that likes to comment on subjects that he doesn’t know anything about. I’m not going to waste my precious time on you anymore.

          • No, don’t leave yet.. I’m not done with you 😃 you posted for everyone to read, that you know of no wars currently being waged because of Islam. Tell that to all the fucking invaders posing as refugees fleeing Islamic State In Levant. Why is the good Christian Merkel being so stupidly compassionate if there is no war being waged by Islam? Now you may leave ya prick.

        • Well Obama gave Saudis arms worth 95 billion dollars so that you pricks can survive, you pricks trained and gave powers to Sadam so that you could enjoy their oil, you pussy pricks created the Talibans to fight Russians in Afghanistan and loaded them with arms, you have given total liberty to Israel to mantain a disbalance in the Middle East, you pricks staged the 9/11 as an excuse to go into Iraq with your lies and the fact remains that 90% of the terrorism in the USA are done by non Muslims. You pricks were the first and only ones to use a nuclear bomb on civilians. Albert Einstein said “every action has got equal and opposite reaction”. You have created a f en turmoil in the whole world and what you are seeing today are just the implications of what you pricks have been doing. Don’t cry like a wolf, stop interfering in other countries affairs, live and let live others peacefully and USA will be great again. Islam seems to be an easy target for you pricks because we Muslims are stupid, tolerant, peaceful and don’t take revenges. Just do the math on how many innocent people have been killed in the past 20 years by your actions vs how many Americans have been killed in the SO CALLED Islamic terrorism. I have three kids David and do you think I am going to teach my kids hatred for other religion? Absolutely not, I teach them peace and other worldly stuff just like you teach your kids. Please come out of the box and don’t be a prick because I know you are not!

          • First of all, this prick is British. Secondly, I have dropped no nuke, you twat. Third, maybe your words about Muslim’s being peaceful and not taking revenge will be nice to hear in the offices and to surviving family members over at Charlie Hebdo!
            You have kids? Damn.
            You teach Israel is only there to disrupt peace?
            You teach your kids that the US government murdered thousands of innocents’ when it was fuckin Muslims. You are absurd.
            So, your reasoning for various Muslim issues are “because the US” over the last 20 years.. Let’s look at the world view “because Muslims” for the last 1400 years.

    • SYLVIA,the LORD says theres going to be martial law in america,and the MUZZIES will use that as their chance to chop off the heads of americans <(WATCH KEN PETERS VIDEO)he was taken to the future and had his head chopped off by the muzzies,DO NOT LET THEM TAKE YOU ALIVE,fight them,americans will learn about these muzzies the hard way I'am afraid…THEY run around like everythings just find,NEVER GO ANYWHERE UNARMED ever again…and BE READY……..

      • OH,I forgot to mention,IT WAS A BIG EARTHQUAKE,I think Trump dies in the earthquake and OBOOZO comes back as president and makes america under muzzie martial law,The LORD showed me trinidad,colorado was leveled by it…

  3. EXTREMELY barbaric people. Why are we buying their oil? I guess money talks louder than anybody pleading for their life.

  4. Such a lovely peaceful religion. Let’s bring more to America, God knows we really do need more of them here. I meant Allah!

  5. This vid was like two years back. The lady was screaming ” I want justice…by god I didn’t do it…” But it was believed that she had abused and torture her step daughter for sometime before brutally killing that kid. Well, she surely deserved this if it’s real. Why keep and feed these in jail? Brutal people needs to be eradicated. Just like Mexican cartels, Chapo Guzman and those vile animals from MS 13? Trump is right about torture. Just do away with all ya political correct bullsh8t over this video will ya? You can’t have em’ both. Violence? You need to be taken out and save this planet some breathable space for peaceful loving folks. Period!

  6. This is news?!!!

    Every wed. Saudi holds “Court” in the cities centers.. where they remove hands (for stealing apples)… feet… for trying to run away… heads.. for the hell if it… et al….

    Where’s the undercover reporter willing to risk his head to get shots of it all?!1

  7. It is hard to make out what she it saying, I do not understand fus’ha (MSA) very well, only Muslowi. But she could either being saying “What have I done”, “I have done nothing” or “I don’t understand this” – very rough translation, sorry. At some points it almost sounds like she is saying “Khatar” which is danger? The first word, for sure, Ana, is the female form of “I”. Either way I think you get the main idea.

      • I totally agree with you on that, she should have been given a fair trial in the court but unfortunately it’s a kingdom and the court system sucks over there.

  8. this is where all you reptilian evil liberal women are headed when you wear the burka of your enemy, but you walk arm in arm with the same scum who will one day cut your effing heads off, and when that day arrives do not come to us for protection , you will deserve to have your effing heads cut off due to your A-Hole liberal mentally ill psyche.

  9. This stuff should be on our evening news. How can anyone support these animals? If I tell some of the people what I saw just now, they would laugh and say I’m full of shit. I guess wee’l just have to wait and see what happens when there are enough of these muslim animals to start doing this kind of thing in their muslim encalves. Think Dearbornistan.

  10. Muslims need Jesus as their Lord and Savior. This video is repulsive and only shows how lost Muslims are. Turn to Jesus you muslims or you will burn in hell.

  11. Add Islam to the lefts lust for pedophilia as in pizzagate it is easy to see why we the people love Trump and his wall just grew 10 more feet!

  12. I’m sorry but I respectfully disagree about the plight of so many of these women. Slaves since birth, no way out except suicide, no way to escape. Constantly abused. Not all of them are rabid terrorists.

    I want to know why all these loud-mouth feminists have nothing to say when it comes to what is happening to women who were born and caught up in a system with no hope.

    The ones that have managed to get out have been loud, outspoken opponents of Islam and try to warn others of the reality of the situation. Of course they are then marked for death.

    Our “partner”, Saudi Arabia, the richest country in the Middle East. A country the MSM constantly ignores when it comes to anything but a photo-op.

    • “Slaves since birth, no way out except suicide, no way to escape. Constantly abused. Not all of them are rabid terrorists.”
      Sharon I am so glad to hear you say you this. I truly believe many thousands maybe millions would convert out of the horrid thing if the knew they would not be murdered or tortured to death for doing so. I can’t imagine ONE female on the planet, who has any real understanding of the filthy old nasty boys club, wanting anything to do with it.

      • Thank you so much for understanding. If we don’t at least consider that so many women are just trapped in a mostly loveless arrangement (I hesitate to call it marriage), then we would be similar to these Feminazis who refuse to even address their plight. Imagine being told at a very young age that you are going to marry this 40ish or older man. And being killed if you refuse.

        Plus we will never know what really happened with this woman. All we have is the men’s story. Such a brave man-chopping off the head of a woman who was wearing a burqa until the end. This is the stuff of horror stories.

  13. One less breeder producing more Muslim scum. Shame those rsewipes dont chop all their womens heads off. Theyre welcome to the pinkoes heads too while theyre at it

    • And we don’t need this satanic trash in this country! as they kill their own people, they will soon execute Euro folks, who are stupid idiots for allowing these invaders to take over the EU. Will Trump keep them out? If not, many will quit voting for good, not trusting any politicians. Time will tell if Trump is for real. Euro losers are pushing for a caliphate and take down turning the EU into a third world dump. Euro folks are cowards and could care less if their women are taken into Muslim harems as sex slaves.

  14. Yeah, cut ties with North Korea while you pour your money into these savages’ countries…. omg I just can’t wait for the whole world to drive eco friendly cars.

  15. Did that raghead yell allahu ackbar? I didn’t hear it. Seriously, what type of god would require this much violence from his followers? Only islam. No wonder why so many muslims are converting to Christianity or simply away from islam. Islam proves itself over and over and over to be nothing but the religion of mohammed. They follow the example that he laid out in his book the koran. Muslims are simply demon-possessed by allah their chief demon.

    • Amen Steve you are 100% correct. muslims follow a false god. mo-HAM-it was a pedophile who married a 6 year old child. I’m glad Trump won because these people need to be deported. I would only allow persecuted Christians, yazidi and Kurdish people to come into the USA. The Sunni and Shiite muslims must ALL get out of our country now!!!

    • So right Roc, I just want to puke on the perverted “feminists” who all blatantly refuse to do or say ANYTHING about the plight of female muzslime. Even though most of them are as dumb as stumps that does not excuse them. The foul ugly feminists should be made completely ashamed to even consider themselves to be human females. They are whores selling them themselves to the devil ALL lala.

  16. Every woman that participated in this vile embarrassment called The Women’s March should be shipped off to the anal cavity known as Saudi Arabia, but I’d be happy with any muslim dominated anal cavity. These petulant, vagina hat morons do not get how good they have it here, they’d learn quick enough.
    This poor woman is at last free from the never ending hell of these demon possessed inbreds.

  17. This is the Sharia Nightmare that the likes of Merkel,Hollande,Trudeau etc want to force upon us as they enrich themselves with Saudi and Soros Blood Money and sell out their own people.Our pathetic lump of shit Prime-Minister Turnbull is no different to all these other Muslim Vermin Enablers..During some Bullshit MULTI-FAITH meeting at Government house in Sydney last year the Muslim Community Leaders (Terrorists) who attended refused to eat of the plates because Infidels may have eaten off them previously,so as opposed to kicking them out our cowardly Turnball ordered new plates to be unpacked..True story and an utter disgrace.Anyway its Australia Day downunder so coo-eeee to you Aussies at home and overseas.

    • Your kidding me. The filthy Muslums wouldn’t eat off a clean “infidel” plate?
      Then they should have gone hungry!
      Never eat with a Mudslime.

      • Yeah. Worried that those plates might have been previously tainted with pork and lard and weren’t properly sterilized.

    • Thats disgusting, why were they invited in the first place as theyre not into multi-faiths. Shows the complete and utter ignorance. I wouldnt have invited them under the pretext of we didnt want to offend you lol

  18. ” Good wholesome” islamic Bastards . Due process, ? equal protection under the ” law ” you’ve got to be shitting me???? ,??? Does not exist, never has existed in islam. Those women cannot walk alone in an airport or mall without being accompanied by a male relative…just recently women have been afforded the “privilege of riding a bicycle to work ???

    Where is madonna, ashley judd and the “women ” marchers ,the view, where are they ?? .great tolerance and even a greater appetite for hypocrisy ?????

    “Pussy power “, i don’t think so, maybe in America or western Europe, but nowhere else….Love to hear that gutter Slut madonna say she would love to blow up the house of saud ????

  19. God the Muslims are such garbage. All on their own. Lower than gangrene. How these vermin are even tolerated anywhere let alone allowed access to humanity. Anywhere Muslims are allowed to shovel out their stinking puss and vile sharia God and Good is blocked. The air stops and it gets cold. How long more will the world put up with this ‘proud’ filth. Who needs the filthy lucre of these decrepit nothings this badly? To Hell or some isolated patch away from humans for these life blood suckers. Where are the so called feminists? Where are the men? Please do not weaken President Trump. You are fighting the Good fight.

  20. And that Good and Gentle readers is Sharia Law. Seriously coming to a state near you. Do you really want sort of justice.

    • Two, and this is exactly what the evil bastard turdos wanting to protect in Canada. I know a few Canadians and I hope they are totally angry with the nasty little boy.

      • As a proud CANADIAN. I can tell you that most proud CANADIANS are very pissed that (shiny pony) turdeau is the PM of this country
        There is a bill going through parliament now, that would make any criticism
        of izlum or muzlums illegal. This is what (shiny pony) turdeau is doing for the muzlum voting block that got him voted into the office of the PM.
        Read next artical…

    • Sharia Law..Jihad..”Infidels”.. etc I suppose that this religion of PEACE as some Muslim groups (CAIR aka the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD) would have some think it is pretend these barbaric actions don’t happen in the name of ALLAH!! When questioned they avoid answering turning a blind eye.. well sorry YOUR RELIGION IS NOT PEACEFUL ITS BARBARIC AND INHUMAN.. I have looked for a KIND WORD OR PEACEFUL thought in the qoran somewhere and there isn’t one.. HATE DEATH AND SUPREMACY OF ISLAM is all I find.. I asked a neighbor (Muslim-who I thought was a friend) to help me find a peaceful verse over 2 a months ago when I began having so many questions.. she no longer speaks to me..I GOT the answer I need and researched & found a lot more..🙏🏻🇺🇸GOD BLESS AMERICA🇺🇸🙏🏻
      Forgiveness is peaceful Understanding is peaceful Acceptance is peaceful..
      America is OUR COUNTRY GO HOME because America is becoming great again-ISLAM IS NOT PEACEFUL

  21. I hate those evil f……img bastards with a vengeance. They need to be eliminated from the face of the earth soon. I am shaking with the barbarity at this unspeakable violence against this poor woman.

    • Thank you for your post..I think that the reality of this video and the fact that those women who marched really don’t get that there are women out there who are suffering WAY MORE & need support…

  22. What vile horrid monsters muzslime are. They should not be allowed to exist in the entire world. The males are totally perverted from birth and they should be rounded up and destroyed or at the very least contained in their nations and NEVER allowed to leave. If the females are determined to follow the vile moMAD then they should be treated in similar manner also. All the evil creatures can do is give birth to deranged pitiful creatures that can never become actual human beings. Izslime totally destroys the human spirit, it is the most inhuman evil Satan ever invented.

  23. Better dead than living as woman in Arabia. If she murdered the child, it was to save her from being female in Arabia…she knew she would die also. Freedom.