FINALLY! A Somali Muslim freeloader, pretending to be a refugee in Germany, comes clean

A Somali Muslim recent migrant has admitted to Lithuanian journalists that he came to Germany to “live on welfare for the rest of his life” and has no intention of working. In fact, as soon as he receives German citizenship, he will bring over his whole family of ten.

New Observer  The journalists, all working for Lithuania’s largest news portal Lietuvos Rytas(Lithuanian Morning) reported that the Muslims were very open about their intention not to work and just live off welfare.

“A Somali told me that he had decided to stay in Munich because of the generous contributions and good public services,” the report read. The report revealed that the invaders get free food, language training, and medical and dental care in the housing complex

In the interview, the invader—named Abdulah—was asked in what profession he would like to work, to which he replied that he had no intention of working, and that when he got “German citizenship, I will immediately bring my family here. I have almost no family. Only ten people. It’s my parents, brothers, and sisters.”

Even though it is officially named as an “Initial Reception for Unaccompanied Minor Refugees (Male Adolescents),”  the majority who roam around are between the ages of 18 and 30 years old,” an impression which is confirmed by the photographs of those they interviewed.

Abdulah told the journalists that he had travelled to Italy by boat across the Mediterranean, and from there had made his way up into Germany. Asked how much this journey had cost him, he said that he had paid U.S. $8,000 to get to Germany.

When asked where he would later like to work in Germany. He smiled: “No, no … I like to walk in the mountains, but to work, not. I want to live in Germany.”

When he was told he could only stay in the reception center for eight weeks, Abdulah was incredulous: “No, they promised me that I can live here. Only eight weeks? We are here to stay forever. We love Germany.”

So much for Merkel’s promises that the Muslim migrants would help the economy when only a handful of them have the skills and/or education to become gainfully employed. 


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    STOP the WICKED, EU/MUSLIM WAR Against our Girls

    Sarkozy: Challenge of the 21st Century: Racial Interbreeding (FRANCAIS, intro anglais)

  2. Germany’s leaders were outraged that PEGIDA peacefully protested the Muslim Filth — the Spawn of Satan — huge Muslim gangs molesting, robbing, raping and gang raping our girls in Europe a year ago on New Years Eve.

    PEGIDA was punished by Germany’s police who attacked PEGIDA with water cannons. Our EVIL leaders want our women and children attacked by huge gangs of Muslim Sexual Terrorists.

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      This is a women’s war dear Linda, I hate that thought but it seems so many males are just not concerned, but if the women start to realize what izslime is about, as you well do, they will have none of it. I would sure like to see a women’s counter march!!! SOMETHING. Is going to have to wake up the world to the utter deadly evil izslime represents.

  3. Not really new to what we already know but never gets old either. There are about 180,000 more African freeloaders in Italy awaiting their chance to get into Germany for criminally looting the streets (as currently in Italy), draining the welfare with multiple fake IDs and savaging females. To make it worse there are approx. another 2,7 million illiterate but utterly violent people from sub Sahara safe havens to head north into Europe during 2017 alone, with Germany as their ONLY destination.

    With regards to the upcoming electoral campaigns former EU parliament’s president Martin Schulz, Merkel’s SPD counterpart, is an egomaniac at least as narcissistic, fanatic, anti-democratic as the chancellor herself, a EU apparatchik and advocate of open border policies par excellence. Even in Brussels he was despised and would not have survived a reelection campaign, that’s why he jumped ships. With him coming into power, things could turn from very bad into the utter nightmare.

    Looks like fun times ahead.

  4. Although not really new to what we already know it never gets old either. To make it worse all the approx. 200,000 African freeloaders brought ashore the Italian coast are waiting for their opportunity to get into Germany. Expect all of them to succeed and end up criminally roaming the streets (as they currently do in Italy) and savaging the women there. As if this is not enough another approx. 2.7 million entirely illiterate but utterly violent people out of sub Sahara countries are expected to attempt getting to Europe in 2017 alone, with Germany as their only destination. The EU coast guards themselves are the biggest organizations of human traffickers around.

    With regards to an electoral perspective one of Merkel’s main counterparts during the campaign, former EU parliament’s president Martin Schulz, is an egomaniac at least as fanatic and rampant as the current chancellor herself. In Brussels everyone was glad he left, he wouldn’t have survived another reelection campaign there. That’s the main reason he jumped ships.

    It also means if he would really become chancellor things might go from very bad to the ultimate worst.

  5. One question wasn’t asked, but should have been. Where did this Muslim Slag get $8000. to go to Europe? The whole shitpile of Somalia doesn’t have that much money. . . Did Saudi-Arabia finance Abdullah or, if not , which other terror-financing sharia cesspit invested in this Soldier of Allah?

    • There’s a high chance he received funds from some compatriots already sitting in Germany who cheated the welfare system by multiple application using multiple IDs.

      Also officials not only prioritize those scums over their own citizens but also cover up the fraud by criminal migrants to protect them from prosecution.

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    • “freemasons are controling islam,”
      Weird???…. no, satan is controlling izslime and has since it began. In fact he created it and brought it forth through the utter evil barbarian mo the MAD!!! The Freemasons are creepy but they too are simply being ran by the devil.

  7. Somalis are famous for this. They don’t even pretend. Hundreds of them went to Lewiston ME because they heard it had the most generous welfare. When the Mayor hoped that they wouldn’t keep coming because there weren’t enough jobs for them there, a Somali responded -“Not a problem. We don’t want to work”.

  8. Well as long as we have GLOBS in positions of power over us they will use the demonized muzslim creatures to destroy EVERYTHING our blood sweat and tears have earned us. Murky LOVES fomenting HATE between the the West and her muz monkeys.

  9. Deutschland, if you do not rid your country of fraulein merkel, you are beyond doomed!!!!!
    If she wins re-election in 2017, the moslems will Never stop arriving !!!! And then after her 5th.term,she will ride off into the sunset and live out her days in another country,insulated from moslems and all the chaos she created !!!!!

  10. Nothing new here for the wise person who gets it that these are economic migrants ready to come and to live off of the hard working tax payers demanding the welfare jizah the inbred monster mus slums falsely think that they are owed because they think they are superior. Wake up EU. The economic mus slum monsters are not here to work but to rob, rape, destroy and to live off of your hard earned tax dollars and to change your culture.

    • Muslim preacher, Anjem Choudary, in the UK, told his followers that government assistance is a “Jihadi Allowance” and says this is the way it is supposed to work according to Islamic Law. “We are on Jihad Seekers Allowance, we take the Jizya which is ours anyway. The normal situation is to take money from the (non-muslims) isn’t it?”

  11. the Germans were stupid enough to follow Hitler and then when it all went pear shaped, they all suddenly denied that they were Nazi supporters … perhaps the Germans are just stupid and we should let them get on with their stupid life

  12. Of muslim freeloaders, the Somalis are the absolute worst, and it is there for the world to see. These people when they board the refugee boat/pirate ship as Syrian Refugees under Sheik Obama, former Imam of the White Mosque’s benevolent asylum program, they are famine affected, emaciated, skeletons of creatures. However, once on our soil in Minnesotastan, and firmly latched on to the welfare teats, they grow in size like so many Black Santa Clauses. And they never, ever let go of the Welfare teat. I am sure a repeat of this is what is taking place in the rest of the Decadent West nations, including revert Chancellor Maimuna Merkel’s Germany, which is on a steady course towards becoming Germanistan, the Caliphate, if those hardworking but gullible German people do not wake up, and throw Merkel out.

    • Note the sour, hostile expressions on their dough faces. No matter how much free stuff they get their podgy paws on, it is never enough and they will always hate Whitey.

  13. Everyone already knows this.. With millions of parasitic savages going there they better have a big wallet, that kind of welfare is unsustainable, I hope Germans dont expect to receive a pension as well

  14. I imagine that at some point Germany will have to tighten up on their Muslum freeloaders. Like here in the US, they may not give benefits to able bodied men, or force them to work. What will these Muslums do then? Outraged that the infidels will no longer support their asses, they may start a whole new wave of terror.

    • EXACTLY Az, that’s the point. Wealth distribution until there is ONLY pitifully poor and ridiculously rich. THAT is the ultimate goal of the GLOBS They ALL consiider themselves to be superior and better able to direct the “great unwashed” masses. Of course they will also be able to murder millions at will also, then build their utopia. You see Soros thinks he is God and of course so does smerky murky, and the foul b o and the Clintons, and EVERY agenda driven GLOB. The really interesting part is, what they are determined to establish, absolutely fits Bible prophecy.