President Trump mocks crybaby Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) for his crocodile tears over Muslim ban

“Who is his acting coach?” Does anyone actually believe a Jew would bawl his eyes out over a temporary ban designed to prevent the very people who are commanded by the teachings of their religion to kill all Jews?  We call that kind of Jew a rat as in Judenrattes who helped Hitler.

Business Insider  President Donald Trump on Monday repeatedly mocked Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer for tearing up while standing alongside Iraqi and Syrian refugees and condemning the president’s executive order temporarily barring travel from seven Muslim-majority countries. During Schumer’s press conference, he teared up when discussing what he said was a “mean-spirited” and “un-American” order.

“I noticed Chuck Schumer yesterday with the fake tears,” Trump told reporters on Monday during a meeting with small-business leaders. “I’m going to ask him who was his acting coach, because I know him very well. I don’t see him as a crier.”

Trump condemned Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain for their criticism as well. It’s about time someone stood up to these traitorous amnesty proponents:



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  1. The left is learning very rapidly from the moslem playbook. The whining, crying, victim posturing, violence, etc., is all Islamodrama.

  2. Notice not one Muslim woman was allowed to talk at any press conference if a man was there.

    It’s ironic that liberal secular socialists both here and in Europe will be responsible for future theocratic tyrannies !

  3. Schumer and Ashley Judd should be nominated for best supporting actor and actress, throw that little hen Elizabeth warren in there too !!!!!
    They should be in a sequel to One flew over the cuckoos nest … 3 candidates for prefrontal lobotomy’s

  4. Chucky is head clown or rather head DOLL depending on your perspective.
    This guy is a traitor. and one of the GODLESS. We will see how long he lasts.


  5. That was brilliant! Trump was quick with his comeback. I’ve been laughing about this all day since I heard about it.

  6. Chuck seems like a nice guy. I felt bad that he was ridiculed. Look at him? Very sympathetic face. Those feelings looked genuine. Wished he is in Trump’s camp on American matter. He look like the kind of guy whom I would love to chat with over a coffee and pastries. Some folks are genuinely nice and you could tell. Unfortunately he’s in the side of the fence and it such a shame one has to be brute, blunt and at times unforgiving when dealing with real issues. I’m a big fan of Trump and his style but you still got to give credit where credit is due to some folks that are not in line with your belief at times.

  7. In the picture there with him eyeballing that pitiful little muzslime girl, he looked like he was really sorry he was going to have to miss “marrying” her, …. dang was she 9 yet???

  8. Shumer and Gutterez should take their crying act on the road. I bet neither cried a tear when that Muslim savaged killed many in San Bernadino or that Muslim refugee tried to run down students in Ohio or the many other instances where Muslims have killed americans.Has Shumer forgotten what happened in Nice France or Belgium where 130 were slaughtered by these savages. Not a tear was shed for sure. Its all about pushing the lefts agenda even after losing the presidency. Im surprised Shumer didn’t invite the San Bernadino killers father as did Hillary to one of her campaign shows.

    • Leftists don’t care unless it directly affects them. Until he has blood spurting from his own neck from a moslem knife, it’s just someone else’s problem. If he can make mileage from it, all the better.

  9. Did Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer get an Extra Big Bonus from Saudi Arabia this week?

    Democrat Chuck Schumer, Every woman in the Women’s March, Madonna, every celebrity and every Senator and political elite that protests are HUGE HYPOCRITES

    Not one of them demand that the FILTHY RICH, Swimming in Oil Wealth, HUGE Arab countries take in every migrant and every so-called ‘refugee’.

  10. Who is the character with the rag to his left?! Is his daughter, his wife, who it is? Anything he is saying or doing is making it worse because it unveils something about his private life which will show his true face.

  11. Good for Trump to call him on that. I watched that and most men and women who are truly tearing up will look down not lift their face to the camera so all can see.

  12. Donald Trump is banning terrorist, and not Muslims. It just so happens 96% of terrorist are Muslims. If Muslims were to behave themselves and not act like wild savage animals things would be different.

    • ” If Muslims were to behave themselves and not act like wild savage animals ”
      Sadly Glenn, the pathetic creatures are not allowed to simply be human. They are totally owned and operated by their horrid evil “religion”. It was designed to totally destroy humankind by the one who MOST hates humans.

  13. Muslim women …. with their “layered look” desert wear …. have enough cloth to dab their tears, blow their noses, muffle, contain and slow release their farts, stifle their coughs and do their hygiene …. in the middle of the mall ?

  14. Is schuma really that ignorant or is the jerk just that dedicated to destroying America? What a piece of crap.

  15. Trump is a natural with these ‘ barbs ‘ ! Yes, it’s surely good to be the king !! Just fabulous. Laughin’ so hard it hurts.

      • Bonni, I first started listening to Rush years ago when he was still coming out of Sacramento Ca. I can remember just about the exact spot on the I 5 freeway. He was saying things that made my heart skip a beat, “my gosh he must be reading my mind” I thought. I have said on many ocassions that he showed up, at a very critical time in our nation, and if history is fair he WILL go down as someone who had much to do with at least SLOWING the ugly DEMONIZED socio/commies.

    • I’m right with ya, TBI. I laughed hysterically yesterday as heads rolled and the mocking commenced.
      BTW: He also fired to acting AG for failure to uphold and enforce his muzzie ban.

  16. I love this guy! He doesn’t mince words and Americans just aren’t used to it – YET. I find it to be an awesome, refreshing difference from what we’ve had in the past. Finally, a man who speaks what’s on his mind, honestly and does what he says he’ll do. “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead”!
    Go Trump! Nail ’em all to the wall~!